Top 10 Cities For Artistic Inspiration

If you are looking for some artistic inspiration, you just have to look around you with the eye of an artist. There is inspiration everywhere. But if you want your environs to inspire you with their magical aura, you need to visit these 10 best cities for artistic inspiration around the world.

1. Edinburgh

The literary output of Scotland is simply phenomenal. Most of its writers have been motivated by its capital. Robert Louis Stevenson felt that Edinburgh was how Paris should be. If you want to look into the lives of famous writers, visit the Writers Museum that displays a more personal side of Scotland authors. There are several exhibits including the writing desk of Robert Burns.

2. St Petersburg

St Petersburg street names have been used heavily in novels. Many Russian novelists were inspired by the artistic beauty of St Petersburg. Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Gogol- they all lived in the heart of the city and contributed to the world of literary art.

3. Buenos Aires

If you want a city that lets you tap easily into its legendary vibe, it’s Buenos Aires. There are elegant café houses where the best writers of the city got together. If you want to mingle with an art loving crowd while you sip an espresso, go to Palermo coffee house.

4. Valparaiso

If you a fan of the famous poet, Pablo Neruda, then you know that Valparaíso was his dwelling place for several years. And this place was the main source of his inspiration. He even composed a poem for his house, which is now turned into a museum.

5. Mumbai

Mumbai is the cultural hub of India, and is the home of Bollywood. This city is home to renowned writers like Salman Rushdie. To view Progressive Arts Movement, you should visit the Gallery Chemould. There are many Indian artists who live in Mumbai. You can even find several museums on modern art in this busy little city.

6. Havana

The Capital of Cuba has other excitements as well apart from the jazz it’s famous for. Ernest Hemingway spent a large part of his life in this city. His old house has been turned into a museum. Here you can see life from his point of view, including his gin bottles.

7. London

London has forever been immortalized by renowned writers from John Betjeman to Charles Dickens. You can see several writers’ museums in this old city of literature and arts. You can even come visit the fictional house of Sherlock Holmes in Baker St.

8. San Francisco

If you want to visit San Francisco, you should start with City Lights Books. It is owned by Beatnik Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Tha famous Six Gallery of San Francisco became a famous event later that brought a complete new Beat Generation.

9. Prague

You can expect literary art flowing from a country whose first president was a famous playwright. This makes the Czech capital a hotspot in literature and arts. You cannot come here and not fall in love with the exquisiteness that fine arts would bring to you.

10. Mexico City

If you go through ‘The bottom of the road’ by Jack Kerouac, you’ll get a feel of the Mexico City. This was the home to beatniks who had some disorderly times here. You can find the museum of modern art here that features the works by many artists.

What kind of artistic inspiration are you looking for? Try these 10 destinations to wake up your inner artist. These places have been mentioned in many novels and poems as they motivated artists. Is it your time to be motivated? Visit these places and know for yourself.