St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

Valentine’s Day is done and over with and St. Patrick’s Day is drawing near–do you have your decorations ready to go up? No? Well then read on for some decoration tips and find out where you can get the largest selection of St. Patrick’s Day decorations at the best prices.

Outside: You can have lots of fun decorating the outside of your home. It’s will also make the neighbors and passers by happy to see a festive house in the area. Why not start with your mailbox. A can of paint won’t cost you much and you can easily paint it green or white and use the opposite color to draw little shamrocks or write “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” If you are more artistic you might even draw a leprechaun and pot of gold. If you are like me and don’t have an artistic bone in your body, just pick up a mailbox cover which you can place over it and take off in a few weeks. You can do similar things with your front door, though it is probably best to opt for a cover rather than a whole new paint job! Hand up some green lights, you can even find little shamrock lights to hang up around your porch. And a festive green holiday flag always looks nice hanging on the house.

Inside the house: An easy way to start decorating the inside of your house for St. Patrick’s Day is to take out and start using all the linens that you have which are green; table cloths, dish towels, napkins, pillow cases, sheets, and the like. If you are crafty you can go to the local fabric store and get some fun holiday themed fabric and add bits of fabric trim to your existing green linens. You might also want to sew something new, maybe a table runner or place mats. Or you can easily find such items on line for great prices. For table decorations you can fill a jar with some green candies, maybe jelly beans or chocolate coated pieces. A fun centerpiece for the kitchen table (and great for dinnertime conversations) is to use a large vase or clear jar and give everyone pieces of green and white paper. Have them write various St. Patrick’s Day jokes on each one, then fold the papers and place them in the jar. At each meal have someone take out and read one joke.