Winter Activities in Quebec

The city of Quebec welcomes you for real winter activities. You can spend most thrilling and enjoyable time during your stay in Quebec cottage rental. The city turns into a playground of snow. Hoards of tourists during winters make the city feel like the warmest place to visit in winters. The platter of activities in Quebec region is so spread out that you can easily feel lost to make up your mind. Skate, ski, dogsledding, snowmobiling, ice climbing or race up your mind for all others you know, it is there. The one and only assurance you can have is an extraordinary winter vacation.

Come up to be a great skier with an edifice of 65 km of groomed skiing trail. But, there are thousands of kilometres of marked skiing trails dotted across Quebec for cross country skiing, passing through provincial parks and wildlife reserves.

Enjoy the same luxury of travelling around on your vehicle as you do it in your normal days. But, this time the charm is exclusive for speeding on the snow in snowmobile. Despite of well defined majestic route covering Quebec, Charlevoix and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean regions, the place has grand network of snowmobiling routes all over northern region. Actually snowmobiling is transformed into a normal roadways arrangement with traffic patrols, maps and safety codes.

Guiding your own team of dogs to ferry you around gorgeous and scenically stunning Quebec is an incomparable experience. Submitting you totally to view the exuberant beauty of nature by dogsledding through the forests and over the frozen lakes is an unexplainable charm.

Many people love to be on their own and walk down to extract every drop of beauty. Surely that is the best way to not miss even a little, but it will be enjoyable only with Snowshoeing. Enjoy the great outdoors of Tremblant and Laurentians wearing snowshoes. Discover the fresh air of these places and inhale it to your heart’s content under guided tours or venture out on solo hiking to explore the mountains.

Riding the sleigh pulled by the horses is something like a festive charm anytime during day or night. It offers a tour through the fields and forests giving a feeling to be in the fairy lands of snow. Tubing parks in Mont Tremblant is famous for its eight well laid out trails and two rope tows for thrilling long slips of snow tubing. You can have the tubing experience throughout the day with your family.

Horseback riding thorough snow covered landscape is an altogether different experience than normal horse riding in amusement parks. By no means should the experience be mixed with Sleigh riding. In reality this kind of riding offers completely different feeling to cross snow clad fields, the hilly slopes or even the flat lands. The pleasure trip becomes more enjoyable due to forest setting all around.

Quebec winter activities offer a lot of daring act of ice climbing if you love such adventure. Even if you are totally new and thinking of trying out this adventure, there is nothing to worry. You will get all the support of equipments and instructor.