Wildlife Tours of India – Discover Mega-Diversity of the Vast Indian Lands

India Tour Packages, India wildlife tours, India adventure ToursRich ecosystems and diversity in terms of flora and fauna constitute the aesthetic beauty of a nation. In this context, Indian forests and reserves exhibit an awe inspiring view of nature. The innocence of lion cubs being fed by their mother or the restless movement of chimpanzees is a unique experience when observed from a negligible distance. Wildlife tours of India offer breathtaking views of nature and mind-boggling safaris that enable the tourists to closely observe the living patterns of various species.

Wildlife Safaris in India happen to be the best and in fact, the most appropriate means to explore wildlife when various authentic species are under a situation of dwindling population. The National Parks and sanctuaries of India, as earlier said, demonstrate beautiful and sometimes unseen varieties of flora and fauna.

A striking example of the aforesaid feature happens to be the Ranthambhore National Park at Rajasthan. A jeep safari to the park is bound to be a learning experience as one can explore over three hundred varieties of plants and trees in addition to mind blowing zoological wonders. The beauty and the excitement associated with observing every minute movement of these animals is definitely an experience of a life time. Moreover, tourists are also accompanied by experienced guides who convey detailed information and interesting facts.

Considering diversity, one can also look forward to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which covers a whopping area of seven hundred and seventy seven square kilometres. A visit to the park results in an encounter of unique and sometimes animals unheard or unseen of. Barking deers, gaurs and Nilgiri tahrs happen to be few such examples.

The flying wonders of our country are not to be left out. Keeping them in mind, it is essential to consider the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which houses around three hundred varieties of birds. It is worthwhile to note that the place is under strict government supervision which keeps it free from unwanted human encroachment and makes it an ideal breeding location for the birds. The Siberian cranes, Jacanas, kingfishers and cormorants are few of the attractions which look seemingly beautiful.

The Marine National Park at Gujarat flaunts aquatic life in its most beautiful and soothing form. In addition to fish, sea mammals and water birds, the park is known for its beautiful coral reefs and mangroves which make it a globally recognized tourist destination. The sight of beautiful fish effortlessly cutting through water is a treat to the eyes. One can do no more than paying an ode to nature.

There are some Indian reserves which are known for the specific animals that they possess. The Wild Ass Sanctuary located in Gujarat provides shelter to the species of wild ass. The Gir lion reserve, as the name suggests, houses the King of the Jungle. Other than safe habitat, the reserve also makes an ideal breeding ground for the lions.

Nature has been truly grateful to India. India Tours-take you on a journey of land’s blessed astounding ecological marvels which have made people from all over the globe take note of it.