Wildlife Photography Business – Mangelsen

Who is Thomas D. Mangelsen? Thomas Malgensen is a Nebraska resident, he is known as one of the world’s premier nature photographers. Mangelsen’s love of environment, his living in the outside, and business success were greatly influenced by his father. A devoted sportsman, Harold Mangelsen took his sons to favorite blinds along the Platte River in Nebraska to chase and watch the gigantic flocks of ducks, geese, and cranes that move around through the vicinity From these outings Mangelsen learned the significant lessons for photographing in the meadow, as well as patience, waiting for the right instant, and understanding animal behavior.
Around 1965, Mangelsen began studying business at the University of Nebraska. In 1967, Tom moved to Doane College in Crete, Nebraska, where his first love prevailed. In that same year, Tom graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He sustained post graduate study in zoology and wildlife biology at the University of Nebraska and Colorado State University. In 1974, he worked as a cinematographer which led to the chance to film whooping cranes for National Geographic. Since college, Mangelsen has been enthralled with photographing his early studies, birds in flight. In the early 1970’s, he and his brother David began advertising limited-edition prints of Tom’s images. In 1978, Mangelsen opened his first photps of Nature® gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, and printed his first booklet. ever since then, fifteen galleries have opened.
In 2005 Tom was named one of the “100 Most Important People in Photography” by American Photo magazine and was pleased with Nikon’s “Legend behind the Lens” credit. In 2002, Tom has received am Honorary Fellowship From The Royal Photographic Society. He was also named as North American Nature Photographer Association’s “Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year” in 2000. In 2004, Mangelsen received the inspiring label of “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” Award, sponsored by the British Broadcasting Corporation and British Gas.
Mangelsen’s photos were shown in Vital Signs: Pictures of Biodiversity. This ordinary history photography display is a mixture of Mangelsen’s skill and knowledge of science, and pressure the significance of maintaining a fair and varied ecology. Vital Signs was co-sponsored by Images of Nature® and the San Diego Natural History Museum and was exhibited in museums all the way through the United States and Canada. Tom’s labor has also been exhibited in the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming, Natural History Museum in London, and King Sportsman’s Edge Gallery in New York City.
Mangelsen’s labor has been published in National Geographic, Audubon, National Wildlife, Smithsonian, Natural History, Newsweek, Wildlife Art, American Photo, National Wildlife and other magazines. In adding up, there are an increasing number of books for young readers, art cards, fine art posters, puzzles and calendars available through Images of Nature® galleries. Tom’s initial book entitled “Images of Nature: The Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen,” was available in 1989 and features more than two hundred pictures that document the different natural history of North America. In 1996, his next book titled “Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind,” was published and was compiled after taking pictures of the polar bears in the wild for eight years.
Tom’s devotion to protect our delicate ordinary earth is most excellent stated in his own words; “May these images motivate you to knowledge and protect the wonders of our natural world.”