Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2023: Two Indians Bag Awards In Different Categories

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition Two Indians Bag Awards In Different Categories

Wildlife Photographer of the year is a coveted international wildlife photography competition. This year, two Indians bagged awards in different categories at the competition. The National History Museum hosts this prestigious competition every year. It’s always intriguing to see the photographs that capture candid shots of animals in their natural setting. The picture that bagged the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award was of a polar bear sleeping on ice. The award was bagged by Nima Sarikhani. The two Indians who made us all proud at the event were Sriram Murali and Vishnu Gopal. The two photographers brought home awards in different categories.

Billions of fireflies lighting up a Tiger Reserve
(Picture Credit: Instagram/sriram_murali )

Lights Fantastic

Sriram Murali beautifully captured fireflies in a pitch-black forest. The photograph ranked first in the Behaviour: Invertebrates category. Talking about his experience of capturing the image, Murali mentioned in one of his Instagram posts, “When I saw the sight, I felt I had been transported to another planet.” He also spoke about how challenging it was for him to shoot in the night, as he was always wary of elephants, leopards, bears and other animals. He expressed how much he was fascinated by fireflies. “I can watch the fireflies glow for an hour or more,” he said in one of his Instagram post.

Face of the Forest

Wildlife photographer of the year
(Picture Credit: Instagram/vishnugopal)

Photographer Vishnu Gopal won the most prestigious NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year award -2023 in the Animal Portraits category. He beautifully captured a tapir in a dimly lit rainforest. In one of his Instagram posts, he writes how his photograph was chosen from nearly 50,000 entries from 95 countries to WPY59. How wonderful it must feel?

Other wildlife images that won awards are listed below.

Ice Bed

Ice bed
(Picture Credit: Instagram/nhm_wpy)

This picture was captured by Nima Sarikhani. A striking image, it captures a polar bear sleeping peacefully on ice. One can’t help but look at this picture intently for a long time. It bagged Sarikhani the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award.

Life on the edge

Life on the edge
(Picture Credit: Instagram/siberianart)

The picture showcasing the action of two Nubian ibex won Amit Eshel first place in the Animals in the Environment category. The image was captured from a high vantage point in Israel. Nubian ibex is the native species of the region. The photographer in his Instagram post wrote, “Over the years I have seen many juvenile Nubian Ibex bumping their heads as a practice in order to test their strength against each other, but seeing adult males battling at full power for the right to breed was the first time for me.”

Starling Murmuration

Starling Murmuration
(Picture Credit: Instagram/danieldencescu)

Photographer Daniel Dencescu captured a mass of starlings who formed the shape of a giant bird. Mesmerising is the word that comes to mind when one sees this photograph. The shot was captured in Rome, Italy. The photographer, clearly intrigued by starlings, followed them around the city and in the suburbs of Rome. The picture bagged the highly commended in the WPY People’s Choice award.

Hippo Nursery

Hippo Nursery
(Picture Credit: Instagram/mike_korostelev)

This image was captured by Mike Korostelev using a drone. The stunning visual that you see in this image of hippos resting under the water won the award in under water category. The photographer in his Instagram caption wrote how he had only 20 seconds to interact and capture a shot. It was captured in 2022 in South Africa.

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