Why Travel in Marrakech Means the Ultimate Adventure

According to American social historian Daniel J. Boorstin, there is a fine distinction between a mere tourist and a true traveler. A mere tourist is someone passive; what he does is a simple “sight-seeing”. He expects interesting things to happen when going to different places. However, Boorstin described a traveler as someone active; an individual who is strenuously in search of people, adventure, and experience. So, if you want to set yourself apart from the bunch of mere tourists and achieve the appellation of a real traveler, then choose to travel in Marrakech, Morocco.

This bewitching city in Morocco holds a special place in the hearts of many true travelers. Why? Simply because their trips to Marrakech city are worth labeled as ultimate adventures. How does Marrakech able to transform a travel enthusiast’s normal vacation into an ultimate adventure? Help yourself out with the answers below:

1. Bewildering Attractions in Marrakech

Whether you are longing for a good entertainment or artistic fulfillment, Marrakech is the perfect place for you. At the heart of the city lies the Jemaa l-Fna square, also known as the dwelling place of pure fun and entertainment. Here, you will see different talents performing at their very best. Acrobats, musicians, comedians, and dancers come together at Jemaa l-Fna to satisfy every visitor’s thirst for the unique Moroccan style of entertainment.

If the sights at Jemaa l-Fna fail to amuse you, then hop on to Majorelle Garden and satisfy your craving for aesthetic pleasure. This spectacular garden, which is considered as the Magnum Opus of French artist Jacques Majorelle, is now owned by couture geniuses Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. The Majorelle garden hosts a wide variety of flora that is absolutely pleasing to the eyes. The stylish blue house found in the garden serves as a museum that houses precious Islamic art objects.

2. Delightful Cuisines in Marrakech

Moroccan food is not just your ordinary foreign food. It is prepared with much care and artistry because it does not only intend to fill an empty stomach. Every Moroccan dish is created to be savored and remembered by those who consume it. The taste of Moroccan mint tea and couscous are sure to linger not just in your mouth but also in your mind. Those people who managed to travel in Marrakech would agree that these Moroccan foods taste a lot better in the city’s fine restaurants.

3. Fascinating Culture in Marrakech

A mix of old and new. These are how most travelers describe the Moroccan culture. However, the unique and amazing culture of the country manifests more in the city of Marrakech. Not heavily infiltrated by modernity yet not too ancient-looking, Marrakech city managed to preserve the look and feel of the Moroccan medieval era. The wonderful Moroccan customs and traditions are still given importance and strictly practiced in the city. So, if you decide to travel in Marrakech and you happen to encounter a peculiar happening, do not be surprised. The people in Marrakech are just used to show off their deep appreciation and love for their truly fascinating culture.