Why Going Biking In The Alps Is the Perfect Family Holiday

Whatever the time of year, the French, German and Swiss Alps are one of the most picturesque regions on Earth. Whether you visit in winter, when the snow-covered slopes bring out all manner of winter sports aficionados, or in spring or summer, when the meadows are in bloom, you are guaranteed unspoilt scenic beauty, along with a wealth of activities.

This is perhaps the main reason why taking a holiday to one of the many destinations in this area is the perfect alternative to the summer beach holiday break. Families in particular may find biking in the Alps to be an excellent option for a different kind of summer break, a realisation more and more holidaymakers have been coming to over the past few years. Detailed below are a number of reasons why taking your family on holiday to this part of Europe in the warmer months can be an excellent idea.

Active, Fun and Safe

Cycling has traditionally been a favourite activity among children and teenagers, and going biking in the Alps as a family allows them the opportunity to indulge in some ‘grown-up’ activity, down real roads and tracks, all while remaining in a controlled environment and under the supervision of their parents. As well, an afternoon of cyclo-tourism along Alpine roads and mountain tracks provides plenty of opportunities for quality family time, which parents and children alike are likely to relish and remember much more than they would a standard beach stay. Cycling can also constitute an excellent way to ensure children stay active during their holiday break, partaking in physical activity rather than simply lounging in a beach towel all day long. Active breaks have been proven to be better for concentration levels, memory and overall mental health, so a spot of cycling and enjoying the mountain air could work wonders ahead of a child’s return to school!

More Affordable

Aside from the social aspect of the holiday, a period biking in the Alps is also likely to be more affordable for a family than trying to book a room or villa at one of the typically overcrowded European beach resorts. Even if the family do not bring their own cycles, and opt to rent from one of the numerous outlets scattered throughout the region, the cost of the equipment, bicycle and accommodation is likely to still be lower than an equivalent package in a seaside resort. Add in the fact that the Alps have much more to see and do than the average beach town, and it becomes easy to ascertain why biking in the Alps should be taken into serious consideration as an ‘alternative’ programme for a family summer holiday.