Why Camping is a Good Family Vacation Choice This Year

Family camping is an excellent way to have a fun vacation in any year. This year however, it is even more popular than normal because of our slumping economy. Many families are struggling to get by, pay their bills, and maintain a decent lifestyle. Plenty of people have decided to not take a vacation because they can’t afford it. Others however, have decided the vacation is critical for their family, and they have discovered it can still be done quite enjoyably while not spending much money at all. That’s why camping is gaining in popularity.

A family of any size can easily go camping outdoors for little to no money. There are many remote places in the United States which can be used for temporary camping spots. And there are plenty of state parks, and national forest areas which can be camped in too.

Campgrounds are quite safe, they often offer several amenities such as showers, bathrooms, and even electrical hookups. In most cases, you can stay at a campground for as long as two weeks and the cost is a mere $10 or $15 per night. Compared to the cost of a hotel, were the least expensive you might be able to find during vacation times is the least $50 per night, this is a drastic savings particularly for families.

There are many different ways to take your family camping too. If you already own a camper trailer or RV for example, you can simply choose from the wide variety of campgrounds designed for those camping vehicles. There are many private as well as public campgrounds which can be used by families who use a camping trailer. The state parks and federal forest areas also allow camping trailers to stay in their campground areas. Using a camping trailer is slightly more expensive though, particularly if you want to have electric or water hookups.

Tent camping is also on the rise in popularity. This is particularly the case where family camping is concerned, because for just a one time cost of $100 or $200, a nice sized tent can be purchased which can be used for many years to come. Camping in a tent is also more enjoyable, because families tend to talk to each other and interact with each other more since they are not distracted by modern conveniences and electronics.

When the weather is really good, particularly in the summertime, you don’t even need a tent to go camping. You can simply take blankets and sleeping bags out into a remote area and camp out under the stars. This gives your family a chance to get away from the hectic everyday life of the city, allows everyone to leave their daily stress behind, and provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to spend time together and have fun.

So if your family is feeling the financial crunch of current times, consider taking them on a simple primitive camping trip for your vacation this year. The memories of that simple inexpensive camping trip will last a lifetime.