What Kind of Hotel Or Holiday Accommodation is Right For You?

These days, there is a dizzying array of choices when you jet off on holiday, reflecting a variety of price ranges and target consumers. But figuring out which type of accommodation would be best for you can be tricky and time-consuming, particularly if you’re not totally sure what you want yourself. Of course, it’s always good to pause for a few minutes and really think about your wants and needs. What kind of traveller are you? What kind of destination are you heading off to? Who are you going with? What is your budget? If the answer still doesn’t become clear, read on…

A hostel may be best for you if…

-you are travelling alone and looking to meet new people
-you are sociable
-you don’t have a strong need for private space
-your budget is quite low

Hostels can have a bad reputation, but they are actually very flexible and affordable. Indeed, you need not stay in a single room, although that is still the norm. Ask around and you may find hostels offering double rooms suitable for couples or even families.

Hostels tend to be popular with younger travellers, but attract an even mix of people. Thus they can be great for solo travellers and people eager to meet new friends. Staying in a dorm-style environment gets people chatting, sharing tips, helping each other out…which can be a great atmosphere.

Additionally, many hostels have a communal kitchen. If you are on a low budget, it can be great to know you can just whip up a big batch of pasta instead of forking out for expensive fast food or restaurant fare.

A hotel may be best for you if..

-you have no particular preferences
-you do want your own private space
-you have extra luggage
-you want a bit of luxury
-you’re planning to spoil yourself or someone else

Hotels vary greatly in quality, although overall they still tend to be quite a lot more expensive than hostels. However, if the communal style of hostels isn’t your thing, a one or two star hotel may fulfil your needs. Clearly, if you’re really in need of some pampering or you’re treating a loved one, you’ll probably want to splurge.

However, make sure you check out hotel reviews online before booking to avoid nasty surprises. Consider hotels below your required star rating or budget as well – you may find them just as good as higher starred hotels, but missing a few extras that you don’t really need.

Couchswapping may be the way forward for you if…

-you are social, gregarious and confident
-you want to experience a destination as close to how locals see it as possible
-you relish the idea of making new friends
-you’re not afraid of ‘roughing it’ if need be
-your budget is very low

Couchswapping has gained popularity recently, although it tends to be reciprocal in nature. The basic idea is people offer space in their homes: a couch or bed if you’re lucky, and you head off to stay. It’s good manners to bring a gift and make an effort with your hosts, of course. Although slightly frightening, this is a great way to meet people and really experience a destination rather than skimming through all the touristy spots rather than getting to the heart of the place. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure to read the security guidelines beforehand.


-you want your creature comforts
-you’re actually quite nosy…
-it doesn’t bother you that strangers will be using your place too
-your budget is fairly limited

Houseswapping is a daunting prospect, and you definitely want to make sure you have your valuables securely stored away, but it can be a great option. For little to no cost, you can have your cake and eat it. You get far more privacy than in a hotel and in addition you have a kitchen, television and computer free of cost (unless your hosts are very behind the times).


-you want your creature comforts but you don’t want anyone rooting through your house!
-you’d rather be able to prepare your own food than be forced to eat out
-you have a fairly high budget
-you like your privacy

Rentals can be quite expensive, but they also offer a lot of benefits. You have security and privacy, for one, as well as total freedom in terms of what you do, where you go and how you eat. In fact, if you do decide to use the cooking facilities then you could save yourself a bundle that would otherwise have been on dining out. Again, check out rental property reviews before you book. Many places look great on paper but can conceal nasty surprises. Hotel and rental comparison sites are a godsend in this case.