Ways To Hang Up LED Lights To Brighten Your Family’s Holiday Tree

Make certain that before you get underway, to have all the supplies you require available. This will eliminate not having a supply that is required while you are the on the ladder. So we will start with the ladder, ensure you have a strong step ladder or small ladder available. You will need this while you are draping the upper branches, even with a short tree, being on a ladder makes stringing your LED lights much more convenient.

You will of course need your lights, an extension cord if the socket is not nearby or a step on off/on switch cord, makes lighting your tree hassle-free, as well as some patience.

Would you be amazed to find out that it is more advisable that you begin draping your Christmas Tree LED lights at the bottom? We had always begun at the top. Reason being: You can follow the electrical outlet with the chain of LED lights and not have too much or too little remaining from hanging from the top. Never considered it that way before. You will also be able to begin with the proper male/female connections, ever drape LED lights and end up with a pair of female ends?

When trimming your Christmas Tree, always begin with the lights. The lights are the primary object that should be put up before garland or baubles. Before you begin, make certain that the lights are functioning properly, nothing worse than hanging up the lights on the tree and half the strand is not lighting up.

As you hang up your LED lights apply a weaving motion one light beneath a branch and the next light above, beneath and above. Push the cord into the branches so the cord is out of sight.

Estimate your space as you weave your lights into the branches, alternate and spread out your rows so that there are no empty spots or clumps of lights together. Be especially careful not to bundle the lights together at the topmost part of the tree. The crown of the tree should be the special place for your topper.

If you think you need additional lights on your Christmas Tree, use extra strands and repeat the manner of weaving from the top of the tree to the bottom.

Not positive how many lights you require, a quick rule of thumb is to measure the height of your tree and multiply by 10. For instance, a six-foot tree would require about 60 feet… I know I go over the top on the quantity of lights on my Christmas tree but just can’t help it.

Now that you are done stringing and are pleased with the LED lights on your Christmas Tree, it is time to adorn your tree with trinkets, garland and whatever pleases your imagination….