Top Three Vacation Destinations for 2007

Spring has just started to bloom and it’s going to be in full swing very soon. Summer is just around the corner and everyone is simply itching to take a relaxing visit to a tropical paradise or to an exotic land. But what are the top destinations for this year? You might be wondering what the best places to visit are during these upcoming months, so here are my top three destinations.

The first vacation you should seriously consider is a Panama Beach Vacation. Panama City can be a blast in the summer time and I can guarantee you that there are more things to do there than you can’t even come close to exploring it all. The obvious reason to visit this place is the Panama Canal. This historically important waterway isn’t just a place of business. It’s a beautiful place and they don’t call it the eight wonder of the world for nothing. At night, the lights surrounding the waterway are magnificent and it’s the romantic spot in Panama City. You could elect to take a cruise through the canal or just to have lunch at the many restaurants around the area. If walking and boating isn’t your thing, there are also helicopter tours that take you up to see the entire city. There’s also a wide array of fishing and scuba diving to be experienced in Panama, as well as simply lying on the beach and relaxing.

But if Panama City is too crowded and busy for your relaxed tastes, then Bocas Del Toro is the place to be. This small city is where many Survivor shows have been filmed so the scenery is breathtaking. There are lush rain forests to explore as well. But the most popular are still the beaches, featuring the classic Caribbean water and almost empty atmosphere. Come here if you need to take a load off, and who doesn’t these days.

The third vacation spot isn’t a surprise. The Hawaiian Islands are always a great place to take a deep breath and smell the sweet scent of freedom. Oahu, or the big island, has everything a tourist would ever want. The culture, food, and scenery are all to die for, but this trip might cost you a little more than the previous two because Hawaii is known for their expensive hotels and pricy restaurants.

If you are on a slight budget, the Panama Vacation would be a better decision, but if money isn’t an issue, Hawaii would be the better choice.