Top Places You Must Visit When In Vienna, Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna is among the most visited tourist places in Europe. The city has made its mark with its intricate yet strong architecture. And the architecture is not just about the facade and its overall look, the interiors are adorned with brilliant artistry, something that sets Austria apart. There’s history to look forward to, mixed with the stunning cosmopolitan scenario. So, if you are planning an escape to Vienna, this blog will be there to guide you, regarding the best places to visit in Vienna and when to go to this mind-blowing city.

1. The Hofburg:

One of the most famous places to visit in Vienna, the Hofburg is also known as Imperial Palace. Back in the erstwhile era, the palace served as the seat of Habsburg rulers. Even today Hofburg stands a symbol of power and currently the President of Austria lives here. However, some part of it is open to public, with cafes, restaurants and manicured gardens.

2. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens:

The former summer residence of Habsburg dynasty, Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens must be visited if you are looking forward to peek into the history of Austria. The palace has 1,441 rooms and each corner of the monuments is decorated with dedication, depicting the fine artistry of the time. This place is not merely historically identified, but is also known as an architectural gem.

3. St. Stephen’s Cathedral:

A significant landmark of Austria, St. Stephen’s Cathedral guarded Vienna in the golden era. This is also recognized among the finest epitome of neo-Gothic style of architecture. When you’re visiting, just climb 343 steps to reward yourself with magnificent views of the city. The structure is more than 700 years old, but it seems as it has passed the test of time gracefully.

4. Vienna City Hall:

Vienna City Hall, or Wiener Rathaus, was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt, one of the most prominent architects of the era. The City Hall was built during between 1872 and 1883, and per the studies, thirty million bricks and forty thousand cubic metres of stones were used in order to make it. The style of architecture adopted here is neo-Gothic, and indeed it’s done very well with precision.

5. The Belvedere Palace:

Among the most beloved historical landmarks in Vienna, the Belvedere Palace consists of two grand palaces -known as Unteres – the Lower Belvedere, and Oberes – the Upper Belvedere. It was built adopting Baroque style of architecture, and surely makes it mark with the brilliance. Other than the gardens and fountains, Belvedere is where you get to see the finest collection of famous painter, Gustav Klimt’s paintings.

6. St. Peter’s Church:

St. Peter’s Church in Vienna is also called Peterskirche. This is among the oldest shrines in the city, designed in 1702 by the renowned architect Gabriel Montani who used the principles of Baroque architecture to come up with this beauty. Though the facade itself will make you speechless for a minute, just step inside to witness the ornate chapel; you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off.

7. Karlskirche:
As per the legend goes, Karlsckirche Church was vowed to be built by Emperor Charles VI, if the Black Plague curtailed and it surely did. Standing as one of the finest Baroque structures in Vienna, Karlskirche was built by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach along with his son, Joseph.