The Light of Cosmic Understanding in Coveted Artistic Pursuits

An indisputable cosmic stream of vibrant light ‘creative’ electricity runs throughout our body. In order to ever come to terms with this ‘natural and convenient’ sacred sexual artistic electrical force (talent), we must realize, without exception, how disinterested and unconcerned it is regarding our personal preferences. In and of itself, it is totally neutral, operating inherently upon its intrinsic immovable course and law of nature. Although impartial, it is the single most vehemently vital aspect of our life-sustained being. “It” will generate, attract, transform and diffuse what it will, dependent upon and determined by the circular grounding/resistant conversion associated. We must learn to accept our miraculous body as the phenomenal conduit used in the cosmic transformative healing process.

One way to do this is to ‘tune into our gut’, the ‘coiled serpent’ of detached instincts. We were formulated by and through a fundamental electrically coded divine mechanism (blueprint). This miraculous memory regulated ‘energy sealed’ unspeakable vibrating transcript has been written into every spiraling sun gyrated nucleus center of our cells. In other words, we are a Solar charged individual who is generated by chemical/electrical/ hormonal interactions, patterns and relationships. In the interim of movement, we are producing variant cellular interactions that we are totally unaware of. Imperceptible interactions which govern and determine our decisions and /or ‘so called’ choices we face each moment of the day. Though it may seem cold and detached, life is intricately intertwined in unceasing microscopic activities that cryptically boggle the mind, if we really considered how uninvolved we are in any of the inherent processes. “The miraculous functions of the physical body are simply not personal.” Emotional, yes; personal no.

In other words, when we try to assign an individual partition of some sort to a situation, person, place or thing, (most especially relationship), the obvious reasons for the initial attraction or formulation of the involvement have, in fact, the least to do with the personal motivational building of the foundation of why we are actually attracting that person. IF the apparatus of ineradicably attributed molecular structure (in our body’s physical make-up) does not congeal with, to and for our particular unconscious behavior, incorporating the lessons needed we will not connect with the incident. No matter how much we would like it to be the same affiliation applies to trying to stop a specific relationship from forming. In essence, we will attract certain events, relationships and situations for reasons we may never have a clue as to why we got involved in the first place. It’s impossible not to draw to us what we are to experience on a cosmic level, regardless of whether we like it or not.

Bottom line: we are not to be deceived, stagnated, strained, dismayed, disappointed, cajoled or distracted by our BETRAYING ears, eyes and mouth. No one does us wrong, nor do we do another wrong in the cosmic scheme of things. Everything happens for divine reasons we are not privy to at the time. When we add a personal element of demanding unrelenting emotional drama to the mix, we will cause ourselves all sorts of interlacing difficulties. Where does love fall into this electrically charged cosmic driven impetus? [Everywhere, all over the place, (where you walk) in the celestial vein of the impersonal oneness of all things.] If we pay unconditional love flooded attention, we will know how and why we are following the path assigned to us. The hallowed script is written upon our subconscious guided singularly by our feet. Remember: “We are standing upon Holy Ground.”

Listen, observe and follow the command of your subconsciously driven sacred feet. Your divine subconscious will respond to you and offer unmistakable cosmic guidance ONLY after having done these two things! One: Be open enough to receive the unexpected and unplanned experiences as part of the unmitigated divine blueprint part of your life. Two: Don’t try to flee a situation, change, alter or comment upon how bad, difficult or unnecessary it is. The subconscious, through the continual practice of observing ‘you in action and thought’ will steer you into secrets of your deepest motivations. These profound secrets- holding your destiny-, yet unveiled, are found in the air you breathe, food you eat, water you consume, actions you take by employing those very simple and seemingly insignificant things (placing one foot in front of the other) without question trusting that are being led into the necessary spheres of learning for you.

It is in the free-flowing electrical vibration of all things that sheer unifying freedom is experienced. These noticeable signs are hidden in and around all of us everyday, everyway. However, unless we are completely free of any sort of personal agenda, we can in no wise experience this sacred dimension. [No lust of result} To eliminate overwhelming jealousy, suspicion, malice, worry, nervousness, anxiety, regret, comparison, and competition, we will need to replace those destructive tendencies with a total surrender of our indomitable will. No longer can there be any personal ambition, greed, lust or envy present. We are to accept the inexplicable idea that everything in our lives has occurred exactly as it has for the most perfected selection possible. Nothing could have been any different, in any way, anyhow, anywhere with anyone else! We are currently working with something that has been referred to as astral light of conversion. This sanctified light is found in EVERYTHING! Every conceivable thing, both in darkness and light, solid and diffused matter, liquid and gas makes for who and what we are. All is light; all is energy. Molecular vibration is the hidden ‘talent’ key that governs all attraction, whether it be called marriage, success, peace, wisdom, wealth, intelligence or healing.