The Family Holiday

Hiring a static caravan is an ideal way to get the best out of any family holiday. There are static caravans in every part of the UK and they all have something different to offer. Many people associate static caravan holidays with hi-de-hi style fun and games but there are so much more to them nowadays.

All action parks offer everything from go-carts to ten-pin bowling and those caravan parks at there other end of the spectrum can only consist of 3 or for caravans in a farmers field, so it really is up to you.

Static caravan holidays can also be a cheap option over going a broad and they are often a lot easier, most caravan park have private owners who you can sublet their caravan for a week or two. This often saves you a large amount of money over brochure prices. Also static caravan are often more spacious than they seem at first. I have lived in a static caravan for a number of years personally and they are just as comfortable and roomy as living in a house.

Static caravans also offer the ability to appear in the most beautiful locations in the country. Many a time have I managed to find a small cove with a beach all to myself, but only to find that there is a caravan park at the top of the cliff.

You may also be glad to know that static caravans are also taking off in the Mediterranean and in parts of North America, where they are often still associated with trailer parks, so it is in my opinion, very soon we will be able to all enjoy all the comforts and nostalgia of a great British holidays all over the globe.