The Church of Saint John of the Collachium – A Spectacular Medieval Structure

The Church of Collachium Saint John in Rhodes old town is one of the most desirable places being visited by lots of tourists every year. If you are planning your Rhodes holidays then it is suggested that you visit this place. Its beauty is tied with its glorious and extraordinary architectural design. Apart from other available facilities Rhodes accommodation solutions will make your visit memorable.

The church is such a master piece of architectural design that once you have visited this place it will get carved on your memory for the rest of your life. It is all because of its striking beauty that leaves a strong impression of its marvelous design on each and every visitor.

Location of the Church

The Collachium’s Church of Saint John (Rhodes) is situated right in the ancient part of the Rhodes city. People visiting this place from around the world; find no problem when it comes to finding a good Rhodes Accommodation at this enchanting place. This Church in the heavenly Island Rhodes is one of the remnants of the church of Saint John of the Collachium.

The Collachium’s church of Saint John was actually established during the early part of the 14th century AD. It is dedicated as a whole to the Saint John of the Collachium; who remained benefactor of the Order during his times. In order to take pleasures of this place to the fullest, you must not forget to book a nearby Rhodes accommodation. This is how you can access and explore this place well.

What it owns?

You will find three astounding islands beside ‘The Church of Saint John of the Collachium in Rhodes Island.’ This most beautiful church along with its three aisles was constructed in conformity with the medieval artistic as well as medieval architectural styles. It was highly attractive and dominating during the rule of Knights. It was therefore, primarily utilized as a burial place for a number of Grand Masters of the time.

How the parts of this church Explode?

According to the tourists and local authorities, there was a row of pillars in this church at the very start. This row of pillars was primarily used to connect this astounding ‘Church of Saint John of the Collachium’ with the ‘Palace of the Grand Masters’; which could be seen at the right side of the street, in Rhodes.

But unfortunately, this row of pillars was demolished in 1856. Apart from this, a quite large part of this church was also damaged due to a powerful explosion of the gunpowder magazine. The gunpowder magazine was actually held in reserve in the subterranean vault of the bell-tower in this church. And, this portion of ammunition depot exploded due to lightning. You’re highly recommended to avail Rhodes accommodation near this place.

If you want to have more information about the church you can log on to the internet. You will get all the required information about ‘The Church of Saint John of the Collachium in Rhodes’. You can also get complete information about Rhodes accommodation and other top most hotels like Domus Hotel near clock tower. By having complete information you can make your stay in Rhodes much more comfortable.