The Best Place to Look For Tattoo Websites

You want to get a tattoo but don’t have an exact idea or not sure what you want? Tattoos are much more popular today than they once were and there are many designs to choose from. Sometimes having so much choice does not help – we just get confused and cannot decide. So how can you find the right design for you without wasting precious time but also feeling comfortable that you have made the right choice?

A tattoo is a permanent commitment. So it is incredibly important to make the right decision. Then again, I talk to so many people who just take so long to decide. I suppose it makes sense not to make a hasty decision until you feel that the design is right for you. So where do most people look?

Well, in the past, most people sought ideas from their tattoo artists. Most studio’s have portfolio’s of tattoos that you can look at. Often they have a nice comfortable chair and a private area where you can spend your time browsing. If you know roughly what you are looking for, tattoo artists can help narrow down your search time. This method is time consuming (ie getting around a few tattoo parlors) and inconvenient.

More recently, web sites have offered a cheap and easy way to get access to thousands of tattoo ideas and you can do this from the comfort of your home. This is ideal. Most will ask for a subscription to enter the web site where you can access the designs, typically around $25 to $40; a small price to pay when you consider the time cost and inconvenience of alternatives.

One of the benefits of signing up for membership of these sites is that you have access to designs from artists around the world and they are typically categorized for you. So you do not have to waste time looking through folders of designs that are irrelevant for you. Another advantage is that people normally acquire more than one tattoo, even if they don’t think so when they look for their first. I understand that most people get a second tattoo within 12 months of getting their first. So the database is available not only for the first purchase but also for subsequent tattoos.

Some people a re quite artistic and can sketch a design that they like and take that to their tattoo artist. This is a real advantage but I suspect few of us have the artistic skills to pull it off.

Finally, what I really like about the internet option is that I can download my designs and print them. This is good because you can place the printout against your body and review in the mirror to get a feel for whether it will work for you. You could print the image onto a transparency and use that to really give a life-like prototype. Of course the other advantage is that your tattoo artist will be left in little doubt about what you are looking for.

Times have really changed. Gone are the days when only sailors and fishermen bought tattoos. Today tattoos are popular across all demographics. This has driven demand for more and different tattoo pictures and the internet is proving a great way to source them.