Take Your Pet on Your Family Vacation

We all become attached enough to consider our pets as family member. This makes it very difficult when we travel because we have to trust someone else to care for them. There are, however, many ways that you can take your pet on your family vacation and have a great time. Many resorts, hotels, parks, and campgrounds now allow pets, especially dogs to come in with their owners. Even restaurants with outdoor dining areas will allow your dog to dine with you as long as they are well behaved, since there are some that do not like dogs.

Here is a list of some of the top dog friendly destinations:

Cape May, New Jersey
Asheville/Blue Ridge, North Carolina
Black Hills, South Dakota
Key West, Florida
Carmel/Monterey, California
Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada
Charlottesville, Virginia
Portland, Maine
Grand Canyon, Arizona

There are many other destinations including many that are in other countries as well. Here are a few tips to remember when traveling with your family pets.

First, make sure that they get water every few hours because they are going to be stressed while traveling and that can cause them to dehydrate faster, especially if you are flying.

If you are flying, then check to make sure you know all the airline policies before you leave so that you can travel with ease without having to worry about your pets.

Second, make sure you check out your destination and find out if there are any dog parks or fun things for your pet nearby. Check to see if the beaches are restricted or if they will allow you to take your dog with you so that he or she can have fun in the ocean as well. This is a great way to vacation with your dog.

Last, keep something with your smell on it nearby your animal while traveling. This can be a shirt or a toy. As long as it has your smell it will help to comfort your dog and help them to stay calm while you take them on your family vacation.