Surf Travel Guide – Beyond Traditional Traveling

As a former World Cup competitor Chris Ball knows all about the cutting edge of surfing. As well as coaching the London national team, Chris runs his own Surf Travel Guide School. He has drawn on his knowledge of the sport and contacts with leading surfers to author a new surfing skills and technique guide.With the coaching of surf travel guide you get a different thing out of it. People get enjoyment from seeing the guys they work with do well, so it’s different. They are not competing, but they don’t feel the need to compete anymore. They are still heavily involved in the sport.

A lot of normal surfers could learn a lot of really basic things to make their surfing more enjoyable. There’s a lot of knowledge out there – some of which we picked up during our sport and exercise degree – which is involved in cross country, and is starting to come into downhill.

These are techniques which are already being used in rugbv and most major sports. Really simple things like psychology, nutrition, making sure you eat the right amount of the right food. The basic surfers don’t have to be measuring amounts of food and drink like the top surfers and it’s not meant to be an academic text book, but Surf Travel Guide tried to write the book to get the message across that the basic surfers who’s just out and about can get a really good overview of the things they should be doing health wise to increase the level of their surfing.