St Lucia Honeymoons

St Lucia Honeymoons are extremely popular judging from the fact that we have won the coveted “World Leading Honeymoon Destination” from the World Travel Awards 9 times in the last 14 years. In fact St we’ve won this award every year over the last 5 years!

So what makes St Lucia honeymoons so special? Well let’s start with our spectacular natural beauty plus the fact that getting here is a bit more difficult and expensive than going to Mexico, or even some of the more northerly Caribbean islands. As a result we are considered a very exotic destination and hence the perfect location for a honeymoon.

Then add to this the fact that Sandals Resorts has 3 all inclusive properties on here and that Sandals is a resort for couples only. So with more couples seeking out a St Lucia honeymoon the votes that push us over the top just keep racking up.

In addition to this lots of couples elope to Sandals for St Lucia weddings as their wedding can be had for free once they stay at the resort over a set number of days. And with so much to do while here choosing to stay for a few extra days is always very appealing.

With so many weddings and honeymoons happening down here destination wedding and honeymoon photography has become quite popular and with the advent of digital photography it is easier than ever to get and share your great island photos. Some hotels offer on site photography and in addition there are quite a number of competent professional destination wedding and honeymoon photographers available to you.

While it can be convenient to go with the hotel’s photography be sure to seek out independent reviews of both your hotel’s photography as well as the photography of any of the professional photographers whose services you may consider. That way you will be well informed and thus able to make the best choice, which is most important as you will have to live with your pictures, whether good or bad, for the rest of your life.

And with so many St Lucia honeymoons and weddings “Trash The Dress” photography is gaining popularity. This is a really exciting, high energy twist to the time old tradition of wedding photography. And the nice thing about it is that because a trash the dress photo shoot comes after the wedding there’s no need to be formal and careful, but instead you are free to let your hair down…