See the Hidden Gems of Barbados – And Learn to Take Better Photos, Too

Visitors to Barbados don’t need to look hard to find beauty; it’s all around. Why, Barbados defines the very word … in the white-white beaches, aqua-blue Caribbean Sea, and wide open sky and a moon so brilliant in the night sky you swear you can reach up and touch it.

If this beauty whets your appetite to explore beauty off the beaten path, take a photography day trip with renowned Barbados photographer Ronnie Carrington. It’s fun, you meet great folks who are on the tour with you, and with Ronnie you don’t just get to see hidden gems of Barbados, you also learn how to take better photos.

You’ll be in a group of about 15 on a comfortable van, including one very important passenger: the wine lady who works with Ronnie and is in charge of delightful California and French wines that you’ll consume at lunch. 

On the van, Ronnie regales everyone with wonderful stories about Barbados history and at each stop he teaches how to capture the beauty through your camera lens of the landscape, charming little chattel houses, rum shops, churches, wildlife, caves, and expanses of cliffs and seas that few tourists ever see.

A highlight of the day is the wonderful stories Ronnie tells, bringing history about the former English colony alive.  A favorite story is about Winston Hall, a prisoner at Barbados’ prison.  Hall escaped the prison so often from that he became a sort of local folk hero. It helped that he knew the island’s 300 miles of gulleys far better than the prison officials; he managed to elude the authorities for years at a time.

On his final imprisonment, the warden of the prison proclaimed that, with the improvements he’d made to the prison, “only Houdini could escape this time.”  But Hall did escape.  And forever after was known as “Hall-Dini.”  

A favorite aspect of the Photo Adventure with Ronnie Carrington happens later when you review the photos you took:  they’re terrific! 

Ronnie Carrington’s photography/island tour… a first-class way to spend a day in Barbados. $60US per person, including delightful company, buffet lunch and plenty of great wine.  To learn more, visit