Security Measures To Take While Hitting The Road

Traveling can be a lot of fun, no matter if you are going with your family, friends or just solo. But, there are many things to keep in mind. The topmost of the list is your safety and security. Children, women and even your pets have their own travel security needs.

While having all the fun, staying safe while stepping out your door should be your topmost priority. Just figure out a few things and you get assured with a trip that is not only worth remembering but a safe one too!

We have jotted down a few things for you to think through before planning a fun and enjoyable itinerary.

  • Residential Security

This is something that everyone should take into account. Now, who doesn’t love their dwelling? No one! So, it’s always better to take precautionary measures rather than coming back to a robbed house after a wonderful vacation.

For some tips, leave the backyard lights always on so as to pretend that someone’s home. Lock all the entrances and doors. Don’t let your mailbox overflow. Ask a friend or a neighbour to collect your mails. Ask the newspaper guy to stop the service for a few days.

If you have installed a home surveillance system, then take note to set the recording mode to ‘always record’.

  • Personal Security

Stay attentive to your surroundings to assure that you are free from harm while travelling around your dream destination. Take printouts of all your important documents like passport and ID proofs. Keep it in a safe place or hand it over to a trusted friend in case you lose the originals or it gets stolen.

Try to start your trip early in the mornings, so you can return to your hotel before it gets too dark and unsafe. Travel in a group or take along at least one companion. Double check if the door of your hotel room is locked regardless of whether you are leaving or entering the hotel. And last but not the least, always carry your ID while going out.

  • Traveling Abroad

It is always a little challenging and a bit risky to travel outside your own country. The first challenge is to understand the native language. Try to learn at least a few basic words and sentences so you can converse with the hotel staff, the shopkeepers or the police if the need be.

Blend in well with the local residents and avoid looking much like an American. Would-be burglars and criminals could pick you out from the crowd as their next victim.

Stay alert of the pickpockets as they might cut straps of your bags and run away with your belongings.

  • Women’s Safety

Women should stay attentive towards certain safety points. Try to wear less flashy and bling jewellery so as to avoid tempting a burglar to steal from you. Take some mace or pepper spray with you in case you get into a dangerous situation where you will have to defend yourself. Always try to look confident. Walk with your head up at a brisk pace.

These were a few tips to help you sort out your safety and security for your next vacation! Hope you get some idea to stay attentive and avoid being the victim of a theft. Let me know any more tips that I might have missed in the comment section below.