Sea Eagle 330 Pros and Cons

Some of my favourite inflatable kayaks are the Sea Eagle kayaks. They have several models to choose from each with their own unique features and price points. One of their most popular models is the Sea Eagle 330.

The 330 is an affordable sport inflatable kayak that is extremely versatile and can handle many different types of water. Below are some of the pros and cons of the Sea Eagle 330.


  • very stable and excellent for beginner kayakers
  • light weight and easy to lift and transport
  • compact and light enough to be able to take on an airplane
  • comfortable, especially with the deluxe seats
  • designed for two people but seats can easily be adjusted to paddle solo as well
  • has a high load capacity of 500 pounds
  • 2 skegs that help with tracking
  • versatile enough to be able to be paddled in mild whitewater or flatwater
  • very affordable
  • quick and easy set-up – it only takes five minutes
  • comes with a three year warranty


  • tracking could be better even with the two skegs attached
  • can get blown by wind if you are paddling in bad weather
  • there are no tie down ropes for cargo
  • although versatile it is not specialized so will only give a decent performance as opposed to a great performance
  • can be a bit crowded for two people (however they do have a longer version available – the Sea Eagle 370)

All in all there are far more positives than negatives with this kayak and it is extremely well suited for the beginner to novice kayaker. The material is strong and durable and when inflated the 330 is very rigid. It comes with two paddles, a foot pump, 2 kayak seats, a storage bag as well as a standard repair kit.

The Sea Eagle 330 and the larger version the Sea Eagle 370 have been extremely popular with recreational kayakers that want an inflatable boat that is easy to transport and store in small spaces. It is perfect for kids, dogs, camping, RV’s and summer fun!

This inflatable kayak may not be top of the line but you won’t find another model that gives you as much as this one does for such a low price. This kayak offers an affordable and convenient way to get out and enjoy the water.