Recommended Europe Travel Itinerary – Italy

Italy is truly a feast for the senses for the average European traveler. An Italy itinerary will connect a person with the joy and passion of life – whether that is an authentic pasta and wine Italian meal in Milan, high fashion in Rome, beautiful architecture and history in Florence, or a romantic walk by the canals of Venice.

For the average person with two weeks of time available to see Italy, it can be a challenge to see as much as possible during this time. Thus, one must be organized and plan ahead to have an effective travel itinerary.

As an experienced traveler in Italy, I recommend the following action-packed and interesting itinerary so you can enjoy the best of Italy during your two weeks:

1. Rome – 4 days (including a day trip to Naples to see Pompeii)
(travel to Florence – 2 hours)
2. Florence – 3 days (including a day trip to a Tuscany town such as Siena)
(travel to Cinqueterre near Pisa – 3 hours)
3. Cinqueterre – 2 days
(travel to Verona – 6 hours)
4. Verona – 2 days
(travel to Venice – 2 hours)
5. Venice – 3 days

With all these well-known destinations, which one will be your favorite city in Italy? That is for you to decide, but I can tell you mine. It is Rome.

Every person should visit the Eternal City of Rome at least once in their life. This city was the most important place in the world for many centuries and its influence lasts today with the Vatican and the Catholic Church. Of course, on a basic Rome itinerary one must visit the ancient sites like the Colisseum and the ruins of the Forums, as well as more modern sights such as Trevi Fontain and the Spanish Steps. A few days in this fast-paced metropolis are such a pleasure! Also, a worthy day trip located a few hours south is the amazing preserved city of Pompeii resting in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius.

The great news is that the above Italy itinerary is only suggested, and thus your exact travel itinerary is completely up to you. However you choose to construct your travel itinerary, the key point is to take action and start planning your trip instead of putting if off for “maybe next year”.