Pros and Cons of a Quechua Tent for Occasional Campers

Can you imagine yourself enjoying the great outdoors hiking along the trail or fishing in a river? Maybe you will be singing songs or telling ghost stories with your group. When you turn in for the night, you fall asleep to the sounds of the peaceful night. A common occurrence that starts a fight and ruins this ideal scenario is a tent that takes hours to assemble (and that’s assuming you read the instructions BEFORE it got dark).

When you go shopping for a tent for your camping trip, you will obviously want to consider the climate and terrain of your destination. However, another important consideration is how experienced you are with setting up a tent.

Setting up a poorly designed tent can be extremely frustrating. You need a tent with a reputation for being easy for the beginner or fast for the experienced camper who doesn’t want to waste their time. We found there was a really good Quechua tent that met those criteria. Then we found another, and then we realized they are all designed to meet the “quick and quality” criteria we like to see for novice or occasional campers.

Quechua tents have been around for several years and have become famous for their short set up time. You can select your tent from five categories, including instant, family, mountain hiking, dome, and shelter. Each category has different models based on size.

All of the Quechua tents set up in less than five minutes. The instant category can be set up in as little as two seconds. This allows you to get started on the things that really matter, like fishing and hiking.

The tents are also easy to take down at the end of your trip. Putting them back into their bag can be a bit more challenging but with a little practice, it becomes much easier. The base models sleep two to four people and have plenty of space. The larger ones require a second person for set up to make it easier.

The Quechua tents designed for mountaineering and hiking are made to be durable in rugged terrain and resistant to tears. However, they are still compact to carry and lightweight, which allows you to move camp easily. If you like to go camping by yourself, you will appreciate the small dome tent. You can set it up by yourself and it is comfortable to carry on long hikes. If you have a large group planning a camping trip together, you might find the Quechua shelters useful. They can provide extra living space for eating or relaxing, especially in rainy weather.

Quechua tents are ideal for the experienced camper who wants to get busy with their adventures instead of wasting a day getting the campsite ready. Because they are lightweight and do not take up much room, they are ideal for regular campers who like to take long hiking trips. For those who are not as experienced, Quechua tents make setting up camp much easier, and they require little practice to use correctly.

Anyone will appreciate the easy and fast set up the Quechua tents provides. They make a camping trip a pleasant experience for the beginner or expert camper.