Pleasing a Woman Made Simple – There Are No Big Secrets to Female Orgasm

Where to start and what to do to please a woman is an adventure in itself. Take her on a journey through the universe. Anything can go awry with this journey just like any other. Persevere and you both will be rewarded. So, you want to know how to start on the journey and receive the reward you both want. Follow me through your journey.

The journey is not about you, it is about her. Provide her with her desires. A few basic travel tips to guide you are listed below. Know her wants and modify the atmosphere to fit it. Make the atmosphere mysterious or romantic, whatever she prefers.

Engulf your woman’s body and soul in reverence. Provide her with patience and gratitude before fulfilling your desire. Make her hunger for to the point where your very touch almost makes her climax. If she does not reach that point, she will not climax at all. Take it slow and easy with foreplay. Build the intensity to an overwhelming level. Pay attention to her. Does she like it fast and hard or slow and easy? Chances are, she will want both. You will have to pay attention to make it happen.

Get caught up in the moment and do what feels right. Every person has preferences and they are not all the same. Neither one of you is perfect so remember that. Being suited for one another is the important thing. Learning as much as you can about her will make you as close to perfect, in bed, as you can possibly be.