Planning an Ocean Cruise

Planning for your first cruise is exhilarating. After all, what can be more
relaxing, entertaining and rejuvenating than spending days upon days on the
calm and peaceful sea – completely away from it all? Cruises are a great all-
in-one vacation combining shopping, shows, dining, lodging and
transportation all in one complete package. But there’s a few things to
consider before waving ‘anchors away’.

Solo, Couple or Family? Cruise packages and destinations give you a range
of choices. These include family fun trips, romantic honeymoon cruises, and
theme lines for single, senior, disabled, gay or lesbian passengers. Choosing
the right package will ensure you have the most pleasant and satisfying

Where, When and How Long? Because your final seaport is just as important
as the ride itself, research the many luxurious destinations available. Next,
decide how long you’d like to set sail. Can you afford a week away or just a
quick weekend get-away? What’s the ideal date range for your excursion?
This will depend both on your availability and the peak season for your
destination. If you can’t afford to change plans due to acts of nature, be sure to
book around hurricane and other seasons.

Scuba Diving or Cultural Exploration? Are you a dive in and get wet type, or do
you prefer more relaxing and educational activities like touring European
cities or visiting museums? Check with various cruise lines to ensure your
shore activities align with your personal style.

Formal or Casual? Cruise liners offer a great opportunity to deck out in your
favorite evening dress, or unwind in a pair of flip-flops. Select a cruise line and
destination that lets you express your inner fashion diva, and remember to ask
about deck attire before you pack.

Plan, pack and play your stresses away on the seven seas. To learn more
about cruise packages, liners, destinations and seasonal travel deals, visit Travel, today.