Plan A Jamaica Family Vacation Without Breaking The Bank

Isn’t it time that you rewarded yourself? You work hard so now it’s time to play hard. Get away from the stress and hassle of your job for awhile and take the whole family on a vacation to Jamaica, which is the closest thing to paradise on the planet. And you can do this without breaking the bank in the process.

Jamaica was the first place to offer the all-inclusive resort idea. Instead of being nickel and dimed to death for everything, how about a luxury vacation where virtually everything is included at a single price after you arrive? In fact, these types of resorts, which are plentiful in Jamaica, are huge and offer almost anything you could want right on the resort property, so you do not even need to leave the resort after you arrive, and could leave your wallet in your room or in a safety deposit box at the front desk if you want to.

Many of these resorts also cater to the family vacation, and not just to the business traveler or the honeymoon couple. Many of these resorts offer babysitting services with certified and qualified babysitters who can entertain your kids for hours while you and your significant other enjoy some time together just getting to know each other again. Your kids will have the best time they have ever had, exploring the beaches, searching for treasure, and learning more about the culture of Jamaica and what makes Jamaica a premiere vacation spot.

If shopping is your thing, you will not be disappointed there either. Virtually all the area of Jamaica offer shopping in very unique gift shops, most of which offer items that are not available anywhere else in the world. And if you enjoy haggling, you will find that the typical Jamaican shop owner will be disappointed if you do not haggle with him to get a better price on that item that you have been looking at. This type of haggling is something that you have to become skilled at, and it only adds excitement and a bit of adventure to the task of shopping.

If you plan ahead, even a few weeks, you can usually find great deals on airfare. The Jamaican airports are served by many commercial airlines, and cheap seats can usually be found with a bit of digging and planning. If your travel schedule is flexible at all, the cheapest seats are usually flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

If a luxury resort is just outside of your budget right now, do not let that disappoint you because you have a lot of other lodging and hotel possibilities. There are many upper end and middle rated hotels available at very competitive prices, and many of these also provide special interests for the kids as well as the whole family. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, there are also several bed and breakfast options available to you, where you can really get a chance to mingle with the locals and learn more about the Jamaica history and culture.

Your choices within Jamaica are plentiful. You can choose the bigger cities of Jamaica for your vacation, or you can opt for a bit more quiet time with quieter and less crowded beaches at other areas of Jamaica, like St Thomas, St Lucia, and Montego Bay, each of which offer their very own unique flavor of relaxation, sight seeing, and yes of course, as much night life and dancing as you may care to do.

If you have never been to Jamaica, make a point to plan a vacation there in the near future. You will wonder why you never vacationed there before, and it will almost certainly become a part of your regular vacation planning.