Nature Photography and Haiku – Two Art Forms that Go Together!

Who doesn’t appreciate beautiful nature photography? The sight of a grazing deer or springing tiger brings wonder and joy to those who view them. Nature photography by itself is an art form that’s been practiced by thousands around the world. Combine this with the nature oriented haiku poem, and you’ve got something else altogether.

For example, imagine this haiku poem together with a corresponding nature picture:

Atlantic sunset —

Bands of orange light

Touch the water

I can see this picture right away. Perhaps a picture of the ocean just before the sun goes down. Now, haiku naturally go after images and try to show readers a present moment. Much like a photograph, it’s captured forever. The difference with the poem however is that it’s left to the reader’s imagination to envision what is happening. This ambiguity is what makes haiku so special. When combined with nature photography however, we have something entirely different. In fact, there actually is a name for this type of art. It’s called haiga and traditionally uses Japanese brush paintings as the visual medium. We can use nature photography as well.

The visual medium alongside the written word adds a special something extra. Like icing on the cake, it allows the participant to delve deeply into the subject…to linger while the mind takes in both picture and words.

The way this might work in a book would be for a photo to be on the top of the page while the haiku poem is underneath. The photo may also take up a full page while the poem is left for another. Whatever way it’s laid out, the combination of both nature photography and haiku make for a special experience!