Know About Goa Wildlife Trip

Goa state abounds in natural beauty and few can compete with its sheer variety of natural wonders. To spend a great vacation a Goa wildlife trip is a must in your travel itinerary. Read on to know more about national parks of Goa and also check out some great hotels in Goa.

The geography and variety of Goa makes it the most popular tourist spot in the country. It is situated right in between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats and this position is the reason behind the presence of distinct geographical symmetry within such a small state. The state is known for its beaches and also for its natural beauty, flora and fauna that can be best observed in the several national parks strewn all over the state. The largest and most famous national park of Goa is the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary in Molem. The National park is spread over an area of 240 square kilometers and it is situated near the Molem village and is 53 kilometers from Panjim the state capital. The park boasts of several endemic as well as endangered species like deer, Indian bison, Malayan giant squirrels and different varieties of reptiles. The prime attractions are tigers and the black panthers though they are not easily located. A great place for a Goa wildlife trip! Another famous one is the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary that is located 60 kilometers from Panjim and is best known for its beauty and its variety of flora and fauna. The national park can be reached only by private vehicles as no bus facility is available. There is a watchtower in the center where tourists can watch animals near the watering hole. But the most beautiful yet tiny national park is the Bondla National park that covers an area of barely 8 square kilometers. The landscape and greenery attracts tourists in hordes and there is a Botanical Garden, Rose Garden and Deer Park within its confines. Also the Salim Ali bird sanctuary that is named after the renowned ornithologist is also a must see for its variety of colorful birds and it is quite popular among bird watchers.

Goa has several good hotels that you can try out for a comfortable stay. Below are two fine hotels in Goa that you can check out.

Top Rated Hotels in Goa

Hotel Camphor is one of the best luxury class Goa hotels that is located 8 kilometers from Anjuna. The hotel enjoys wide popularity among former guests and travelers for its luxurious facilities and hospitality. The hotel facilities include a great multi cuisine restaurant, bar, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The rooms are beautifully furnished and rates start from Rs.6250.

Niravana Hermitage is a fine beach hotel in Goa and is located near Anjuna beach. The hotel offers fully equipped rooms and also offers a fine multi-cuisine restaurant and swimming pool. The hotel is known for its facilities and location. Room rates start from Rs.2870.