Hunting in South Africa – 4 Tips to Ensure a Successful Trip

History and Conservation

Hunting in South Africa more than a hundred years ago was nothing short of a massacre. Game animals were hunted to near extinction. Today, South Africa has a system of checks and balances so that the wildlife are abundant while providing hunters the opportunity for recreation. The idea of conservation as it relates to hunting began with Paul Kruger in 1894.

Kruger was President of South Africa and it was under his administration that the first National Park was established in this country. Kruger National Park began with 17,000 hectares in East Transvaal Province and in 1898 was merged with the Sabi Game Reserve. Over the next hundred years 16 National Parks and over 120 Provincial Parks were established.

This has led to the establishment of over 560 private Nature Reserves and over 800 enclosed private farms. Conservation is key to the viability of these reserves and farms. Hunting is necessary to maintain the delicate balance between the number of animals and the available food supply.

South Africa Hunting Tips:

1. In order for a foreigner to hunt in South Africa they must hire a local, licensed hunting outfitter and a licensed, professional hunter must lead the hunting party.

2. A written hunting agreement must be signed between the hunter and the hunting outfitter describing the species, sex, and hunting fees.

3. South Africa may be the only country that offers hunting year round. The main hunting season is from June to August; however, if you want to hunt in less crowded areas anytime from March to November is good.

4. You’ll be a long way from shopping malls Ladies and Gentleman, so bring quality hunting clothing. For the female hunter your hunting gear should consist of pre-worn, quality boots, ladies insulated hunting clothing, and women’s camo clothing.

Hunting South Africa’s Big Five

Hunting the “Big Five” in South Africa is a sportsman’s or Sportswoman’s dream. They include the:

o Elephant
o Lion
o Rhino
o Cape Buffalo
o Leopard

The Elephant is the largest land mammal weighing between 13,000 to 14,000 pounds. These behemoths can run up 24 miles per hour so make your shot count.

The Lion is a nocturnal hunter and they travel in prides. The females do most of the hunting while the males are the guardians of the pride. They can reach speeds up to 48 miles per hour .

The White Rhino weighs in at 7,715 pounds and can reach speeds up to 24 miles per hour .

The Cape Buffalo is often referred to as the most dangerous animal of the African bush. Although they try to avoid dangerous situations, they will stand their ground and fight when cornered. They can reach speeds up to 33 miles per hour.

The Leopard is a sleek nighttime hunter and its favorite meal is baboon meat. They live in mountainous regions and can reach speeds up to 37 miles per hour.