How to Repel Chiggers Today

Many today are thinking it is time to start thinking about repelling chiggers and ticks. The first best rule of repelling chiggers is to avoid them. Now, avoiding does not necessarily mix with repelling, but truth be told, wouldn’t you much rather avoid than to repel?

But, if you insist in going where chiggers thrive, repelling is the next best rule. So just how can you repel something you cannot even see? The art of war says to know your enemy. So, what do we know about this enemy known as chigger?

We know the chigger larva:
Measures about 120th of an inch in size
Like thick darker wooded areas with dense leaves, bushes, dead-decaying wood and bark and tall grass.
Larva is the active ingredient in chigger bites.
Chiggers like warm, moist snug places to bite.
Chiggers are not blood suckers.
Chiggers do not bore into the skin.
Chiggers are lazy.
Chiggers travel fast or relatively so.
Female chiggers like men.
Male chiggers like women.

Now that it is known what chiggers like it is possible to gear up to do battle with an appropriate chigger treatment plan.

Since chiggers are so small they can penetrate almost any fabric or opening. They also like warm and most and tight areas best. (The like to get close to their meal.)  They are lazy.

Therefore it suggested loose fitting, light colored clothing be chosen with the pants legs tucked into the boots (taller is better), long sleeve shirts of a rather tight weave. Since chiggers are lazy they will look for an opening to breach first. Once inside they will look for a nice warm tight place to order dinner.

Male chiggers seem to prefer the under arms and under the breasts of their female hosts. While the female chigger prefers the groin, stomach and legs of their male hosts. This does not always hold true as there are some mixed up chiggers.

Sulfur available from the drug store, knows as flowers of sulfur, can be applied around all clothing openings and up and down the legs.

DEET is also an affective repellents, however the chemicals can cause serious brain damage if applied directly to the skin. Use only on clothing and please, never on little children. There are several essential oils available for repelling chiggers.

Because chiggers do not bore in but bite we know they can be easily knocked off.  So do a brush off every few minutes to knock anything off that has not yet gotten through your first and second layer of defenses.

Do not travel in those areas known be inhabited by chiggers. Since chiggers are lazy they will not chase you down, but they will drop on you if you get close to where they are hanging out. Usually on the tips of very tall grass.

Now go have a great chigger free summer.