How to Have a Female Baby – 3 Natural and Proven Techniques on Conceiving a Female Baby

Is it really important to change your diet patterns to conceive a girl child? Does following sex positions which result in shallow penetration help in getting a female baby?

By carefully reading each and every word of this article, you will have a fair idea about things to consider and not to consider while influencing the sex of your baby. You will also discover a few natural tips on how to have a female baby.

Mr and Mrs Taylor were sad as they gave birth to their fourth boy. They always wanted a small family of one boy and a girl. When they were unsuccessful in conceiving a girl, they made their fourth attempt.

Just imagine, how easy your life will be, if you decide the gender of your baby? Researchers at AMA have proved, that more than 90% success rate can be achieved, if some tips on gender selection are seriously followed. Some of the tips on how to have a female baby are discussed below.

You should have intercourse about 2-3 days before you ovulate. As the boy sperms have a short life, if the intercourse is done earlier, then they will die off before the ovum is released. This gives the chance to strong girl sperms (which also have a longer life) to fertilize the egg resulting in conception of a girl.

Boy sperms find it difficult to survive in acidic vaginal environment. The area near cervix is more alkaline which provides a favourable environment to the weak boy sperms. Therefore to conceive a girl, shallow penetration should be done. In shallow penetration these boy sperms have to face hostile vaginal environment and they will also have to travel a longer distance towards the female egg. In this scenario the strong girl sperms will have better chances of fertilizing the egg which will result in conception of girl.

Focusing on diet which increases the acidic level of your body will be a good idea. As boy sperms will not be able to survive for long in this environment, the girl sperms will fertilize the egg to conceive a girl.