Fun Summer Games For Your Family Vacation or Picnic

During the summer, many families will venture out on vacation or on family picnics to the beach, park or other leisure spot. No family outing is complete without good food and drinks, but most of all activities. Here are some fun games that are perfect for summer family outings and vacations.


Badminton is a racket sport that is usually played with one or two players on each side of a net. Badminton differs from other racket and net sports like tennis or volleyball because the ball, which is actually a cone shaped shuttlecock, cannot hit the ground during play. When the shuttlecock hits the ground then a point has been scored. Badminton is a great game for summer outings because you don’t have to have a net to play a casual game, just some rackets and a shuttlecock. Also, no court is needed, it can be played on grass or on ground that is not perfectly smooth, again due to the fact that no bouncing of the ball is needed. This makes badminton a fun, fast paced game to play with the whole family.


Volleyball is a great summer game, especially when your family outing takes you to the beach. The beach is a perfect setting for a casual volleyball match between your family members. It’s easy to play and the only equipment you’ll need is a volleyball and a net, which makes it an easily portable game. Volleyball can also be played in a park setting, on grass, on pavement, on a tennis court, basketball court or anywhere that has a level surface. Just make sure that each family member knows the basics of how to hit the ball and set the ball, so everyone can get involved, instead of one or two more athletic family members hitting all the balls.


Horseshoes is a great game for the beach or park. You just need some horseshoes and a stake, so it’s easy and fast to set up. In horseshoes, there are two ways to score. You can score by throwing the horseshoe around the stake, this is called a ringer. Or you can score by getting your horseshoe the closest to the stake as possible.


Charades is an easy game to play for all your family members, regardless of age. It’s basically a word guessing game, where players must try to get other players to guess their word without talking. This can lead to some pretty funny gestures and silent acting scenes.


There are few easier activities to play than frisbee. All you need is a frisbee. You can even get the family dog in on the act. Frisbee can be played with just two or many people. There is no actual scoring or rules with casual frisbee, but there are many more complicated games you can play with a frisbee, including Freestyle Frisbee, Durango Boot and Dodge Frisbee. Mostly, it’s just a fun, energetic activity with open ended play.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is also a fun family game. To play Bocce Ball, you need a few more supplies than other games, but the mix of strategy and competitiveness is worth the trouble. Bocce Ball is basically a form of bowling. You have your court, which can be a lawn, dirt or other surface. Then you have a circle which players must roll their ball into. The player or players who come closest to the middle of the circle scores points. Also, players can bump the other player’s balls out of the way. This makes for a competitive and tactical style of gameplay.