Four Historical Places in Famagusta

All about Othello Tower

Yes, this Citadel Tower or Othello Tower is the medieval fortress or Citadel which perfectly guard the town-like city or the harbor. The tower is remarkable in its structure. The entrance of it is pierced through the Venetian fortifications. There is a marble slab which is just above the gateway and it is beautifully sculptured (the badge of Venice, a winged lion is there on it). An aerial view would let the visitors know about the shell of the medieval castle lying inside the hard solid, Venetian walls. In the courtyard of the citadel, visitors can find old cannons. There is a Great Hall and a kitchen at the end inside the walls. It is presumed today that it served as the dining hall or the refractory hall in those days. It is supported with Gothic arches. The roof is vaulted.

The Royal Palace

Famous as palace of the Lusigans as it was built by them in the 13th century. It is near to the St. Nicholas Cathedral (which is now known as Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque). The palace is not in its original structure as it was ruined by an earthquake. What visitors can see today are remains of the palace which even seemed to reflect massiveness of the structure.

St George Church

When you are in the old walled city of Famagusta then do not forget to visit this church. This church was reported to be built in opposition to the nearby church that is St. Nicholas Church. The visitors who come here can be amazed by the beauty of this church. What the visitors can see today of this church are just ruins. The two major earth quakes which shook Famagusta badly affected this church too. Inside the church, visitors can find paintings on walls too.

St. Barnabas Monastery

This monastery, famous for its beautiful location, is at the opposite side of the route of Famagusta-Salamis and closer to Royal Tombs. It was reportedly built in order to commemorate the foremost saint that is Christ Baranabas. This monastery is reported to be built in fifth century. The structure clearly defines the art of medieval art and architecture. Visitors can find on one of the walls the story of the Baranabas too (There is a story which tells of what archbishop has seen in his dream, how Baranabas’ body was shown to him etc).

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