Fiji Travel Guide: Top Things to Do

Fiji is located in the heart of Oceania, making it a mixing bowl of cultures in the South Pacific. It is an excellent place to be in for the sport minded, the ones who get thrilled crossing cultural barriers, and to those whose hearts and souls seek peace and serenity. Its many islands and sprawling cyan beaches coupled with different amenities provided by numerous resorts and hotels make one’s dream vacation a reality.


Guests who visit the country for sports will realize that Fiji is indeed a haven for sports enthusiasts may it be in water or on land.

Water. One can choose from a wide array of water activities. Those who brave the rapids can go white water rafting. Others can also enjoy surfing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, and of course, swimming. Some resorts also have boats to take guests who want to go snorkeling or scuba diving to excellent spots like the Rainbow Reef and the Great White Wall.

Land. With its abundant rainforests, Fiji is also a good place to go trekking or hiking. Experienced guides can take guests to different adventures through a variety of terrains. May it be a stroll in the Garden of Sleeping Giant or a hike through the Koroyanitu National Park, one gets to enjoy the different birds, flora, and fauna that Fiji has to offer. Those who would rather stay in their respective hotels can choose to play a game of tennis with other guests or play volleyball with the resort staff.


Those who visit Fiji more for cultural and educational purposes can opt to visit the national museum in Suva or join bus tours to Vuda Lookout and Sabeto Valley and the many local village excursions in Savusavu and other islands. One can experience Fijian music, witness Kava ceremonies, and even watch as locals concoct their many native medicines.


Those wanting to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and their respective jobs will find the many islands in Fiji a paradise. Having dinner on a short cruise yacht or simply sipping coffee while enjoying either a garden or an ocean view can relax one’s tired consciousness. After a whirlwind of activities, guests can either get a relaxing massage or simply sit on the sand and watch the sunset. Alternatively, one can relax in a hammock with a cocktail in hand or party with other guests in their hotels’ mini bars.