Famous Landmarks in Suriname

Suriname is a small country in the North American region. This quaint little country is popularly referred to as the beating Heart of the Amazon.

The oldest landmark in Suriname is indisputably the ancient Cathedral. The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul now have exceeded one hundred and twenty seven years of existence. The original structure which stood in place of the present cathedral was a theatre. This theater was under the owner ship of La Parra. This theater was initially built in 1809, but later on had to be demolished after it was burnt down after 11 years in 1820. The construction of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul was flagged off in the beginning of the year 1833.

Another famous landmark is the Synagogue of the Jews in Suriname, which is built extremely close to the adjacent Mosque of the Muslims. The enmity and feeling of religious animosity between the Jews and the Muslims all through out history is well known to every one. The Synagogue and the Mosque in Suriname function so amicably that during certain festivals pertaining to their respective religions, which sometimes do coincide; these religious places of worship even share their parking lot, providing an excellent sample of their religious tolerance.

Another landmark in Suriname is the bridge named after the former President Jules Albert Wijdenbosch during whose tenure, this bridge was built. It is more than one hundred and seventy feet in height and around five thousand feet long.