East African Wildlife Safari

The tourism industry is fast growing in Kenya, and with it, there are so many companies cropping up to aid the industry. Among these are the tours and travel companies, the car rental companies as well as the accommodation business. There are very many safari companies that have come up the country ever since the emergence of the tourism industry. Most of these offer affordable prices to their clients. The competition among these companies in Kenya has made this business a profitable one in the long run. One of the most popular is the East African wildlife safari

East African wildlife safari is an established tour company in Kenya for exclusive and personalized safari. It was founded in the early 1970s by Jock Anderson, an English man raised and educated in Kenya. This company has been tailored to suit each of their client’s needs. They have mobile camps, lodges as well as permanent camps to accommodate the various tourism groups that visit the place. There are meals available for all the visitors at every occasion. The meals are prepared by the professional African chefs hired by the East African wildlife safari company. There is also a full bar in the dining tent where the visitors can enjoy cold drinks after a tour.

For those visitors who wish to stay in the tents, they will have no worries of insects since they are provided with insect-proof tents with adjoining verandas. The visitors are provided with spring beds sheets and blankest. Each room has its own shower and a mobile flush toilet; the first of its kind. The company also has a private camp with the tourists staying in a private ranch or farm. The company boasts of several vehicles used to drive the visitors around when they go visiting. These are designed with plenty of leg room, comfortable seats as well as large side windows for proper viewing of the beauty of the park.

When going on safari with this company, there are several items that the visitors should carry. Clothes such as trousers, these are carried as per the number of days that one is planning on staying. A pair of trainer’s shoes should also be carried for walking, light weight jacket and sleeping clothes. Washing powder is provided on request for those willing to wash their clothes. Binoculars, camera, torch, sun screen high factor and sunglasses should also be in the list of what to carry.