Delve Deep Into the Natural Beauty – Tour the Croatian National Parks

There are a total of eight national parks in Croatia and when totaled, they cover almost 8% of the total area of the country. The area of the parks comes up to be 994 sq. km. Every park is better than the other and if you are heading on a Croatia holiday do make sure you visit the ones that interest you. Travel to Croatia and witness the beauty and breathtaking sceneries in the national parks. There is everything in these parks, wildlife, lakes, waterfalls and mountains. This is what makes them exclusive and worth visiting. While you stay in the best hotels in Croatia, stay in private apartments or just camp, explore your wild side and visit its natural beauties.

Every traveler in the city should make sure that he pays a visit to these national parks in Croatia and indulge in activities like hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, spelunking, swimming and biking. If you visit the parks in the autumn or spring season, the entry fee for the parks would be a bit low. The national parks in Croatia lay on the dolomite rocks and porous limestone. One can find fissures, spring and caves in the parks easily. One of the Croatia national parks Krka has a number of waterfalls that present a breathtaking view and amaze the travelers by its beauty.

One of the most visited national parks is the Plitvice lakes. The waterfalls cover most of the park and due to the presence of the emerald lakes, more people love to visit it. This national park is protected by the UNESCO and has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Another park that needs a reference is the Krka. Here too one can find numerous waterfalls and lakes where swimming can be enjoyed. The place is no less than a natural paradise. Just like these two, Mljet is also visited by a considerable amount of people. Less people come here and thus it has a more peaceful environment.

While on a Croatia holiday, these national parks are a must visit and the travelers can buy a map of Croatia withall parks and make the traveling process easier. Not many people visit the Risnjak national park as there was a fear of foxes in the park but it no more exists. You would love the flowery meadows and pine trees that cover the sky. If you are on the lookout for a place that has more landscapes like gorges, caves and grottoes, Paklenica national park is the place to be. You can participate in rock climbing activities here.

Other national parks in Croatia that need to be mentioned are the Northern Velebit. One can only access the park through the mountain road or trail. There is a nearly uninhabited island in the city which is named Kornati Islands and it has a national park named after these Croatian islands. You too can come to this amazing country and witness the beauty yourself. There is no better place to be if you like to dive deep into the nature. Enjoy the weather in Croatia while touring the national parks and other places of tourist interest.