Cultural Tours Enables Insight Into the Essence of India

The Indian sub continent has been home to several cultures and ethnicities from times immemorial. Thousands of years of continuous cultural growth have resulted in shaping the cultural repertoire of India. To catch a glimpse of the cultural vividness, cultural tours in India would be a highly recommended alternative. India is a unique country that takes pride in its unity amidst diversity. This diversity is created because of the geographical disparity, the variation in the languages spoken here, the cuisine that is savored in the different regions, and even in the costumes that are adorned by the natives here. And these are just a few to be named in the order that comprises of several other dissimilarities that paint the canvas of the cultural catalog of India in the distinct hues.

There are several cultural tours that visitors coming to this country can comfortably pick and choose from. From visiting the forts and palaces of Rajasthan to feasting on the natural sights and sounds of central India and from being a spectator to the wildlife heritage of the country to paying tributes in the temples of south India; cultural holidays in India can indeed offer one a plethora to choose from.

A few of the most fondly picked cultural tours in India have been mentioned below:

Cultural hotspots of eastern India – Known as the cultural capital of India, the eastern region of the country and specifically the city of Kolkata is an unmissable destination on tours across this genre. Being the native land of several scholars, artists, and litterateurs; Kolkata has no wonder always attracted the global tourists in the country.

Castles tours – The forts and palaces of Rajasthan and Gujarat quintessentially have been attractions that guests from all over the world come to visit. The palaces of Udaipur, the Chittorgarh fort, the colorful mansions of Mandawa and Shekhwati, and the palaces of Gondal in Gujarat are a few of the prime destinations that guests generally opt to visit.

Temple tours – India is a land where several religions have flourished since times immemorial and in complete harmony. The temples and shrines that are housed in the bosom of this country attract devotees from not just within the country but also from abroad. The ancient temples of southern India, the Golden Temple of Amritsar, and the medieval shrines of Khajuraho are a few of the most significant names to be mentioned here.

Himalayan Expeditions – While on cultural tours across India, one must-visit destination is definitely the Himalayan terrains. Home to several medieval monasteries and Buddhist shrines, Himalayan expeditions also enable one an insight into the colorful ways of the people staying in the mountains. This region is also an abode to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

South Indian tours – Besides the mesmerizing beauty of this region, south India is also home to several music and dance forms, unique cuisine, and handicrafts selection that truly capture one’s senses. A cultural tour across India would be rendered incomplete unless one also visited the cultural attractions of southern India.

Cultural tours in India is not just for visitors seeking cultural knowledge about the country; it is also for all guests interested in knowing about the history and heritage of the country as well.