Cruises For Singles

How strange it is to do the full circle by starting off single, getting married and raising children over 22 years and then by a strange twist of fate find yourself labeled as single again.

What a different game it is today than 22 years ago, no one ever told me the dating rules in fact today no rules apply at all. In the good old days (I can imagine my children roll their eyes) men were the hunters and appeared on your doorstep with best manners opened doors and were on their best behavior.

Licking my wounds and picking up my flagging confidence is what I did for the first six months. I suppose it’s after all of the tears and beating yourself up it’s a healing time, which can’t be rushed only you will know when it is time to resurface and get into the swing of life again.

While flicking through the papers one lazy Sunday I came across the travel edition called cruises for Singles, and I quietly chuckled to myself of all the fun I had the last time I went on a cruise some 20 years ago. As a young twenty something with a group of girls we danced and drank cocktails and cheap wine into the early hours of the morning. A quick nap, before getting up and doing it all again the next day.

I was wrestling with the idea of booking something online and started to and then stopped walked away for a coffee and returned and looked at all the different cruises that were on offer to all parts of the world.

Before finding the article I was not aware of a few things such as: –

• You can nominate an age group when you go on singles cruises this is great as you get to travel with like minded people of similar age
• If you have not got a travelling partner some cruise lines will match you up to share a cabin with the same sex person
• Going on your own and not sharing you would have to pay a single supplement
• Dining couldn’t be easier and it was the thing that I most dreaded doing on my own. But I worried for no reason as the group of people changed regularly and before I knew it we were laughing and sharing tales
• The cruise line staffs are there to ensure you have a good time; they are laughingly called the gentle persuaders. I found them good to keep conversation flowing and to meet and converse with others on board.

There is not enough space here to tell you that I had the best time of my life. The onboard activities were fantastic and I learnt a lot of new skills for example learnt to dance something that I always wanted to do. The food, staff and other guests were fun and I made friends from all over the world. The shore excursions gave you plenty of time to explore and get a taste of the culture.

If you are wanting to kick start your life again I thoroughly recommend going on a cruise. Just do it, you won’t regret this and could even find a little romance along the way!