Classic Pet Carriers Allow the Whole Family to Travel

You’re already busily planning your next family vacation. Whether the destination is an exotic locale halfway around the map, or a quick road trip to Grandma’s house in the next state, you’re sure to want to bring along your whole family. For many people, this includes packing up your pets as well as your kids, so that everyone can travel together in style. With classic pet carriers, you can bring along your furry children safely and easily.

Preparing for Pet Travel

It is important to spend adequate time preparing for your pet to travel. One of your first considerations should be how your pet reacts to travel in classic pet carriers. While some cats and dogs react with perfect equanimity to jumping in the car and going along, others panic at the sight of a backseat. Before you ever leave the driveway, spend time letting your pet sniff out your vehicle and start to feel comfortable with the concept traveling in classic pet carriers.

Obviously, if you are traveling by plane, boat or train, you will not be able to conduct a dry run like you would to get your pet used to your car. What you can do, in this case, is begin to use your classic pet carriers well in advance, to get your pet used to the idea of riding inside. Pet travel does not have to be an overly stressful occasion and you can make the most of it with just some simple preparation.

When getting ready to travel with your pet, another consideration should be for your pet’ s overall health. Have them thoroughly checked by a vet before heading out of town to ensure that they are well enough to go along. If you think your dog or cat will respond with anxiety during your trip, request mild sedatives that you can give to them while they are in their travel pet carriers.

What to Pack for Pets

You wouldn’t let your two year old child pack for herself, and likewise your furry child will need a bit of help getting their supplies in order to hit the road. In addition to the travel carriers you will use during travel, keep in mind some other necessities that Fifi or Fido will need while you’re on the road. Classic pet carriers often have hidden compartments that you can use to pack pet accessories into.

First, remember that they will need a place to sleep wherever the final destination may be. Dog beds are often as simple as stuff mats that can easily travel in the base of dog crates as you head towards your destination. Pet beds also come in other varieties, including overstuffed pillows and even blow-up mats that can double as a dog bed. Consider your space available and ease of travel before selecting the right option for your situation.

A visit to the dog boutique may be well in order before you get on the road with your pets tucked safely in classic pet carriers. You’ll need to stock up on dog toys to keep them busy while on the road as well as any other pet accessories like dog bowls and other accoutrements that will make your travel easier. Remember that this trip to the store is all about finding pet toys for travel and you can look at dog doors and dog furniture or other goodies for your home another time!

Choosing the Right Carriers

Classic pet carriers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Choosing the right carriers for your furry friends can be a huge decision. Front pet carriers are often a great option to choose for a short trip with a small pet. Similar to a baby carrier, front pet carriers allow your little one to ride snuggly against your chest. Pet carriers like backpack pet carriers are also available and are great for small to medium sized dogs who just want to travel close to you.

Because you don’t want to load a Great Dane on your back, there are many large classic pet carriers to choose from as well. Your designer dog may want to consider designer pet carriers that come complete with designer dog beds inside. Straight from the dog boutique, these are of the highest fashion. For those with a smaller budget, dog carriers also come in very basic models that will fit any pocketbook. Finding perfect classic pet carriers is fun and easy!