Best Walking Holidays in Albania

Following some 50 years of near isolation from the rest of the world, Albania is the perfect destination to visit for those seeking unspoiled diverse landscapes, tradition, history and a crowd-free environment. Albania is bejeweled with beautiful inland lakes, raging rivers, natural lagoons, high peaks, a stunning coastline, and fine sandy and pebble beaches. All this and more is combined with genuine Albanian hospitality, so what better place to enjoy a walking holiday?

Walking holidays in Albania need not be long, a short five day trek is enough to see some of the country’s highlights, however, the best treks allow time to explore more of this diverse country and its fascinating attractions. Also the best walking holidays in Albania consist of a combination of hikes in spectacular mountain landscapes and interesting cultural visits to local places of interest. On these holidays you may see such attractions as the Adriatic Coast, the Ionian Coast, Llogara Pass and the historical towns of Butrint, Gjirokastër and Berat as well as several archaeological sites.

The best walking holidays in Albania may also offer a range of accommodation from a variety of hotels to traditional local Albanian village houses, and they won’t break the bank which is an important factor to take into consideration when planning a holiday in the current economic climate. The Albanian treks also vary in difficulty so you are almost guaranteed to find one to suit your personal preferences, budget and physical fitness level.

In conclusion, the best walking holidays in Albania offer an itinerary that includes both trekking and culture, a choice of accommodation options, and a holiday option for everyone from moderate walks to more challenging treks.