Beautiful Paintings to Adorn Your Place

Walls of houses have always been the main focus area of home decorators. The art of wall painting was originated in France. Today, the practice of decorating the walls with various kinds of painting knows no geographical or cultural limits. Decorating the walls with impressive paintings has become universal practice. Paintings in a house or building reflect the status and personal characteristics of owners. Crushed gem stone paintings, Relief work painting and Tanjore painting have always been the hot choice of latest trend followers. Professional decorators trust in the artistic value of these paintings. No need to say that these are available in various sizes. If you want more for a single place, you may go for theme decoration also.

Crushed gem stone paintings are made of crushed stones. Gemstone work is done by the artists to give perfect blend of contemporary influence and vibrant colors. It is an ideal gift item for corporate buyers. 4″x5″, 6″x8″, 9″x12″, 20″ x 16 and 21″x29″ are most sought sizes. Crushed gem stone paintings developed on the themes like Raginis, animals, Bani – thani, Mughal especially Shahjahah – Mumtaz, flowers, God – Goddess and romantic are in regular demand throughout India. Even the international tourists buy these paintings, being tuned with universal artistic appeal.

Relief work is done by special combination of clays. Every stage of relief work needs high patience. The embossing is done with special clay to raise the design. Water proof relief work paintings are also available. Simple designs are liked more. The paintings with just few message conveying lines are liked specially by high-class intellectuals. Regular buyers demand to customize 3D paintings for decorating the walls according to the suitability of place like houses, apartments, resorts, offices, hotels, bar etc.

Tanjore painting is the product of South Indian classical painting originated from Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu state of India. Tanjore Paintings are liked because of surface richness, compact composition and vivid colours. Essentially, these are themed to Hindu gods, goddesses and saints. These have become popular gift items during festive season not only in South India but throughout India. Designs, finish, polish, shine, texture and finishing etc are the main deciding factors. Some manufacturers use semi precious gems, glass pieces and gold foils also to make these decorative religious paintings more impressive. Tanjore painting of Radha Krishna is also in great demand.

All the decoration paintings are available in various styles, sizes, themes, color combinations and materials. Selection primarily depends upon budget, environment and purpose.