Baralt Theater in Venezuela

Venezuela is a place rich in cultural and artistic heritage. Venezuela has significant cultural traits of African and Spanish who migrated to this place ages ago. The architecture in Venezuela has great importance to the world. The Universidad central de Venezuela is also situated in Venezuela, which is a famous world heritage site. The effect of Spanish culture is literally visible everywhere in Venezuela, be it in the culture, customs, music and art of this place. The independence period i.e. 1811-12 was a period of drastic change for Venezuela. It led to change in significant way, change not only in political conditions but also in the political literature.

Invention of musical instruments like Medallion, harp etc. is the standard example of African influence on Venezuela. Numerous events are organized in Venezuela round the year. The mix of rock music with the custom jazz and rumba dance form is something you can long for to watch in real.

Here is a theater called as El Teatro Baralt or baralt theatre in Venezuela. It was inaugurated in the month of July in the year 1883.The theater building was ordered to be demolished in the year 1928, and was then restructured. The restructured building was inaugurated again in the year 1932.The theater is a place of study for university of the Zulia since 1955 and has been protected by it there on. The Baralt Theater was declared the cultural patrimony of humanity in the year 1981 only.

Public around the world and people of the state as well can visit this magnificent example of artistic beauty any time of the year. Various events and directorial tours are organized in Venezuela to amaze the visitors all the time.

Baralt Theater is an important Venezuelan cultural institution with its headquarters at Maracaibo located at the North -West corner of the Plaza Bolivar. This theater was initially owned by the wealthy landowner named Don Miguel Antonio Baralt. It was then handed over to the government for restructuring purposes and safeguarding the building.

Baralt Theater remained the favorite of Maracaibo’s elite until its demolition in 1928, which was ordered by Vicente Pérez Soto, the governor of the state during that time.Later then this place became the symbol of Venezuelan art and culture to endure all its artistic events.

The new building was built in neo-classical style having its corners being named upon major personalities like Simon Bolivar etc. The public in Venezuela treats this place as the national heritage monument, which adds to their pride. Officially this place was considered as the national monument in the year 1981.Only after a significant restoration program of this building in the year 1998; it was reopened for the public. It is considered as an architectural jewel for the state now, as it has gained a place in world heritage sites list.

Tourists and travelers going to visit Venezuela always make it a point to visit Baralt Theater also, to watch the beauty of this place in real. The Spartan architecture of Baralt Theater in Venezuela is the gateway to realize the complex but amazing mix of cultures and traditions prevailing there since centuries.