Affordable Family Vacations

There are many great internet resources when looking to take the family somewhere with a small budget. The key is to be open minded and grab a deal when one is found. is one of the most popular internet sites to find some reasonably priced family vacations. There is a tab labeled family vacations on their website that will offer many options that can be checked off in order to customize the vacation package. There are many choices from the destination, car, flight, and hotel packages as well as how many people are traveling. Select days on their convenient little calendar and hit submit. From there another page will pop up with different options and prices. Check off the one that is the best option and all that is needed is a credit card to book it.

Do some research before deciding on where to take a family vacation. A very popular option for families in Canada and the Unites States is San Francisco in California. California is often thought to be expensive and high class, but Marin County has some very nice hotels with a reasonable price tag.

Las Vegas in Nevada is also another popular destination in the United States. Flights are frequent and cheap, and there are endless buffets at most of the hotels. Las Vegas offers a nice combination of fun and affordability.

If looking for more a more history oriented vacation, Washington D.C. is a must for American history. Most museums are free or very low cost, public transportation is highly accessible and cheap to use, and there are so many hotels prices are competitive.

If looking for something a little more exotic, Belize located in Central America can be low-cost and exciting for the family. This country is relatively small and surrounded by several islands that can be visited as well, making this a great vacation as well. Passports will be needed, so plan accordingly.

Whichever option is the best for the family, do some research first. Decide which one is most within the budget. From there do some searching on the internet. If the vacation time is flexible, many websites will even send email alerts when there is a deal. Most deals will be offered during an off-peak season, so this may be difficult if children are in school. Do not let that deter future vacations plans; many airlines need to fill seats and hotels want their place filled as well, so many deals are to be found!