A Guide To Colorado Horse Camping & Hiking Trails – Where To Go When You Want To Commune With Nature

Here’s a really simple way to see the great outdoors in all of it’s basic, untouched beauty? If you are sick and tired of the same old mundane activities, then you should consider visiting the state of Colorado. For those in the know it’s known worldwide for its endless scenic beauty and peacefulness.

Depending or your knowledge and level of stamina, you can go for Colorado horse camping and hiking trails. To minimize the pain and help you choose the best camping and hiking trails for you, here are some of the most popular Colorado horse camping and hiking trails.


American discovery trail, one of the most diverse, expanded and explored camping and hiking trails is located in the eastern plains of Colorado. It is one of the most peaceful and the oldest trails in the history of this area. Many of the explorers, philosophers and great pioneers of the past have used this trail to reach new lands. Today this Colorado hiking trail proves to be a real testament to nature and is the best place to relax and be peaceful. This place being one of the best choices that brings one close to the nature.

Along with great pleasure, this place ensures to provide the people with great challenges. One would really have to work hard to reach this trail as it passes through 15 mountains that are over 9,000 feet, so you can imagine the amount of comfort and sense of accomplishment one would get after reaching it!


Of course you can go anywhere, but the place not to be missed is the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests for horse camping and hiking trails. Situated in north central Colorado, this forest and grassland covers 1.5 million acres of land. It starts from the north of the Wyoming border that is to the south; and goes up to Interstate 70 towards Mount Evans. This forest covers up the Continental Divide going to the William Fork area, from the west side. This forest is so expanded and has a lot of wild animals to be seen. So if you decide to visit this place, then in spite with all the luxuries provided, you will be extremely happy to see the wild species roaming around.

Since the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests is like a big jungle, once you enter it, you are more likely to get confused and lost, most of the times, and therefore carrying a GPS along would prove to be a great idea. You need to be prepared for it, as it might be a wonderful experience but not fun at all if you wind up lost.


The Black Canyon of The Gunnison is one of the most challenging Colorado horse camping and hiking trails with lots of constructive activities. This place is so steep that it can also prove to be very challenging for even the most seasoned professional hikers. However, since there are plenty of trails to choose from you don’t have to choose a difficult trail since there are plenty of easy ones to go with.

So there you have it a nice simple explanation of a place that shouldn’t be too hard to reach. Just imagine that you can be there within hours and not break the bank doing it. You can finally relax and commune with nature and do it all within budget. Enjoy!