A Family Vacation in San Juan Puerto Rico

When you are traveling with family and kids, there are several compromises you have to make. Of course, it is not necessary that this hamper your trip in anyway. There are several things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico that can keep every member of the family happy. After all, good memories are what you are trying to create. Here are some of things you can indulge in when you are with kids and which will not take up too much of time in terms of travel.

When you are in the region, nothing works better than a day out at the beach. Sandcastles, swimming and simply running around are what kids do best. Pick beaches that are run by the government. These are called “balnearios” and have all the facilities you will need in terms of restrooms, changing rooms and even lifeguards. Some good ones are Luquillo Beach, Seven Seas and Escambron. You could also take the family on a snorkel cruise or a catamaran ride, which is available off the coast of Fajardo. And don’t forget to check out the bio-bay, which through a night activity will have the children squealing in delight. Glow in the dark sea creatures are breathtaking here.

For the slightly older kids, a hike in the rain forest is perfect. You can choose the trails of El Yunque National Forest. They are easy to navigate for children as well. There are several natural waterfalls and pools for them to jump around in. All the range of unique plants and insect life they will see will be fun. You could also take them caving in the Rio Camuy Caves Park, which can be quite an adventure for amateurs. For those interested, shows at the Arecibo observatory are quite interesting. Around is are also the Light House as well as the Historical Park and Aquarium that will have them quite kicked. At the museum and aquarium you will see a pirate cave, a simulated version of a Taino Indian village and even a mini zoo and ships at play.

There are a few adventure companies such as Acampa, Ecoquest and Adventuras Tierra Adentro that can organize rappelling and caving for the family. With this there are also opportunities for zip line adventures. This is especially for teenagers.

And finally there are also several malls and fast-food places that you can always stop over to give children a taste of what they usually love. It never fails to work.