5 Tips for Taking Outstanding Food Photos

Taking outstanding food photos is incredibly demanding. Food Photography consists of several activities and all of them should be done perfectly to get a great picture. If you have started taking food photos you know – and you know this just after taking those few pictures – that taking outstanding food photos in complicated. Pressing the button to open the shutter is only one task of this process. There is the dish itself and the ambiance around it. Then there is the food styling element and utensils and plates cannot be ignored. Any one of these things go wrong, your photo won’t work either.

Of course, taking exceptional food photos complicated. But you know that already by now. Don’t you? Let’s look at the 5 food photography tips for exceptional food photos:

1: Use Neutral Colored Plates Use plates that enable your audience to focus on food and not plates. Some new photographers use a colorful plate with lot of color. These plates distract you from the food and should not be used for photography. Using a plate that is neutral in color creates the most impact.

2. Remove Distractions from Background Background plays a crucial role in producing a remarkable photograph. If your background has some clutter, it contributes to a lot of noise in the photo and the message is watered down.

3. Find the Best Camera Angle A lot of amateur photographers shoot photos from a standard angle of 30 degree. This angle may work for some dishes, but in most cases it won’t. Try 90 degree angle. Switch to zero degree. Change your angles and experiment.

4. Ingrain Rule of Thirds Rule of Thirds applies almost to all type of photography. Rule of thirds is a good guide that states placing the subject from the thirds of the frame. This makes photos more appealing. Use this rule only as a guideline. As I said earlier, this is only a guideline.

5. Avoid Artificial Light Natural Light has a great characteristic. It does not change the color of food while artificial light modifies the white balance and some improvement is required for having the right color and keep the photo appealing.

So, here are the 5 tips for stronger food photographs.