3 Questions to Ask About Family Holiday Insurance

How much time would you spend looking into family holiday insurance policies before you buy one? The chances are you’d rather spend time deciding where you’ll go on holiday rather than booking your travel cover, but you can speed things up by knowing the right questions to ask when choosing between policies.

Are the kids covered for free?

Many family holiday insurance policies provide cover for children without adding any additional charges to the premium. This is worth checking though, because you shouldn’t take it for granted. It is also wise to make sure all your children are covered, and to make sure you supply the correct information to ensure this is the case. Normally there are conditions in place to ensure that a certain number of children can be covered free for every adult on the policy. Make sure you are properly covered and you know exactly where you stand.

What types of activities are covered?

While extreme sports are likely to require you to book an additional dedicated policy to cover those experiences, some family holiday insurance policies do provide cover for certain activities. You can usually inspect a list of these activities so you are aware of whether they suit your needs or not. If you know you will be taking part in anything more challenging, make sure you organise additional cover before you go. Alternatively, check with the insurer you are considering, as they may be able to adjust the main policy to take those additional activities into account.

Are you looking at the right policy type?

Most people recognise there is more than one kind of family holiday insurance policy on the market today. For short single trips you can opt for single trip cover, but if you know there will be at least one more holiday during the next 12 months, you can choose multi-trip cover. By considering what is likely to happen in the months to come you can choose the right policy for your needs. This could lead to big savings if you shop round for a good deal.

Choosing holiday cover isn’t the most exciting thing you could be doing in relation to your trip. However it is vitally important you ask the three questions mentioned above because they will help you get the right cover for your needs. Knowing how to get the best cover in the shortest possible time is part and parcel of keeping costs low while still getting the essentials you need. When you realise just how much it might cost you to have the wrong cover – or even worse, no cover at all – you realise why you need to approach the task in the proper manner. This can help you get the best result.